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Just a couple of questions..

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Hey everyone

I cruise tomorrow and I've been so flat out at work that I can't remember what I have and haven't done and we sail tomorrow so I am desperately trying to get sorted.  My first question is about online check in.  I *think* I have checked in but can't remember.  I know I have missed the deadline for online check in now but is there any way to tell if I have completed it or not?  I have a Guest Ticket booklet that I printed out a while ago, along with a luggage tag print out.   Is this any indication as to whether I checked in online?

Secondly, I am on two different prescription medications.  They are both in tablet form and I keep them in a Monday to Sunday pill box to help me remember to take them.  Can I put these in hand luggage and am I ok taking prescription medication on board?

I am a tiny bit flipping out at my disorganistion but keeping perspective given what's happened in Barcelona.  I know my queries are trivial but any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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I don't have any sailings within 72 hours so I can't validate whether or not there is an indicator you'd see if you've checked in.  If you were missing anything they'd have reached out though, and the rest can be completed at the port.  Don't stress over this, just be sure to be your documents and be sure that if any passenger names differ between your reservation and your docs that you bring proof of name changes or other docs.

Keep your prescription meds in your hand luggage, not that things are frequently lost but there is no sense risking it - just like when you fly keep the essentials (documents, medications, valuables) in your carry-ons.  Most people are brining on some sort of prescriptiosn meds, so no worries there.

Reach out if you have any other questions at all.

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First of all, relax, you'll have a great time ....

Yes, you probably checked in on-line ..... if you didn't you wouldn't be able to print your set sail pass and other assorted things like luggage tags and such.

Regarding your meds, yes, take them with you in your carry-on, you'll be fine.

Have fun,



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53 minutes ago, GrubbyGrubbles said:

Thank you both.  Much appreciated.  To clarify, I'm ok taking the medication on board in my pill box?  I don't need to take the boxes they came in to prove that they are legal?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to have your pills in your Sun-Sat organizer, I do this every cruise and have never been questioned.

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