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Beyond April 2024 Itineraries that aren't Icon of the Seas release dates?

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Is there any intel on when RC will release itineraries beyond April 2024 for ships beside Icon? I would love to compare prices of Icon sailings to other sailings happening around the same time. Wanted to do Icon, but if I can afford 2 sailings (a family sailing and a mommy and daddy only sailing) on an Oasis or Quantum class ship for the same price as one family trip on Icon, would prefer to do that and leave Icon for a bit later down the line. ^_^

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5 hours ago, Matt said:

Wish I had any real insight, but I got nothing. Sorry!

I think there’s going to be a shake up in the pacific.

Hong Kong, a year round ship in Australia, possibly a deployment in Japan. A new ship for L.A ?

Not to mention the saga of Lelepa.

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1 hour ago, Cakemeister said:

I'm hoping to see a world cruise for 2024-2025.

I haven't seen any news about the 2023-24 ultimate world cruise lately. They announced it one year ago, so I have been hoping for an announcement for a 2024-25 world cruise. 

I agree, it has been awhile, but I saw a Facebook ad just yesterday for the 23-24 world cruise

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2 hours ago, Mike.s said:

Just had an email from Celebrity that 2024 sailings from Southampton will be available to book from 15th November and that Apex will be their UK based ship. So hoppefully Royal will release on the same day

Historically Royal and Celebrity do not release together on the same dates.  

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