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How is the diving on Coco Cay

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The cruise planner for Coco Cay has two dives (sold out) as well as some snorkel excursions. Having been to Coco Cay, I do not know just how good scuba diving would be. It is shallow and did not appear to have a lot of underwater structure to hold any marine life. If you are going scuba diving at any other ports, then go for it. Hopefully some member here with more CC experience will chime in. 😎

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It only goes down to about 35 feet, and there are a few things they point out like an anchor and some airplane propellers. There were a TON of rays in a few areas, and there are some reefs and other areas to explore. It is a nice dive, not amazing. I have done it once and plan on doing it again in a few weeks.

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While I have not tried scuba diving on a RC Shore excursion, I have learn from other cruise lines that it is not worth my time and headache of hauling my equipment around just for a dive or two.  When I want to scuba dive, I will go to a place or live-a-board that specialize in scuba diving.  

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