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The Key and internet included?

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I thought when you get "The Key" you get Voom internet for all in your cabin? The Key is actually at a price right now that makes it cost effective. All it says is Voom for 1 device? I thought it was for all that paid for "The Key" in your cabin? Is it just poor wording or I'm missing something? Thanks. 

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All persons 6 and older in the same cabin need to purchase the Key. Each purchase includes one Voom surf and stream. If you have family or companions in other cabins, you can share your login and password with them…but only one device can be logged on at a time for each Voom. When a new login happens, the other is logged off. So, if you have two passengers over 6 years old in a cabin, both must purchase the Key…both get Voom internet…both can share their internet with others, but only one device can be logged on at a time. 

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On 7/3/2022 at 9:07 AM, RCIfan1912 said:

Not worth it in the end then to me. The key never really made sense to me in general and economical. It was just a thought but no go for us. 

If you are prone to get "anxious" in crowds (like those waiting to board the ship), then the priority embarkation piece of The Key is worth it.  Also, like others have stated, it was $5 more than the Voom S&S alone - at least for our next sailing in October. 

We have a trip booked for June 2023 to Alaska and The Key is priced too high at this point. If on Black Friday or other sale days come up and the price drops to the mid-$20s, then I will grab it for the Alaska trip.

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In the end I don't think its for us really at all. If it dropped to 19.99 a person maybe but if it's one device at a time that's really not a deal. You can do that now by purchasing the one device Internet. Just switch off one and to the other. That's really not a deal at all. Yeah, this is not much a deal for us, really not worth it. 

I mean for our upcoming Adventure and Oasis cruise we have lunch on embarkation for 58 bucks each cruise at Chops. We have 3 internet plan. We can all be in at the same time 

On the Internet note, can't wait to see what Statlink does. I'm wondering how much it'll cost though too. Should be very fast though. 


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