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Star Class Harmony 11 - 18 Feb. 2017

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I'm totally jealous, I had one of the 2 bedroom Aqua theater suites booked for this November, I had room 9730 booked on the November 11th cruise, really looking forward to the Royal Genie, but had to cancel, our Son and his wife are expecting in July and the baby would not be old enough to cruise, RC has a 6 month old limitation on babies, for good reason I'm sure, so no body wanted to leave anyone at home (His older sister), so we decided to move the cruise to another date, but Harmony dates and family dates didn't match up with the availability of the 2 bedroom Aqua suites, so we ended up booking other dates and ship out of San Juan for 2018. Those two bedroom suites go fast...

Thanks for the great review.

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What a mixed blessing !!  So sorry you had to reschedule but what a great consolation prize !!!

Don't miss the opportunity to sail in the ATS.  There just isn't any experience quite like it.  I suggest that you get a TA to help with finding you an alternate date.  Those ATS are elusive but just b/c you don't see one on the website doesn't mean there isn't one available.  One of many, many inconsistencies of the RCI website is that sometimes those suites show up but usually they do not.  Thus, the TA....who would be responsible for sorting out sailings when the suites you are interested in are available.

We will be back on Harmony in Sept. in 9730 and then again in 8330 in Feb. 19.  Can't wait !!

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On 3/3/2017 at 3:56 PM, WAAAYTOOO said:

Day 6 - Cozumel


We had breakfast in the CK as usual and decided we would get off the ship around 10:00.


We had reservations at Mr. Sanchos on this trip.  We had been to Nachi before but it was our first time to Mr. Sanchos.  We took a taxi.  I can't remember what the cost was but I want to say $17 each way for both of us.  It's about a 15 minute drive.


We enjoyed Mr. Sanchos very much.  It seemed bigger and slightly more festive than Nachi.  There were DEFINITELY more people there than the time we went to Nachi.  I think the cost was $55/pp of which I had already prepaid $5 each so we owed a balance of $100 when we got there, which we paid in cash.  I had 1 strawberry daiquiri and a couple of cokes.  Dan had a couple of drinks....can't recall what they were.  We ate a big lunch but overall I'm sure they made plenty of money off of us.  I thought the [pool] water was freezing.  I wandered in and finally dunked myself.  I went up to the swim-up bar and that is where I got my one and only adult beverage.  I quickly scampered out and got back into my lounger where I remained pretty much the rest of the day.  Dan went into the ocean for a while but I didn't.  We finally met up with 2 of our friends who had come separately and we all rode back to the ship together.


Dinner tonite was supposed to be a second visit to Chops but I had done a bit of sleuthing and discovered that tonite was lamb shank in the MDR.  This is Dan's absolute favorite meal on any cruise ship so I didn't want him to miss it.  I had also decided that I wanted at least 1 meal on our beautiful balcony so tonite was the night.  I had originally hoped that we could make it a "family" affair and have all 6 of us eating out there together but alas, everyone had decided to do their own thing this late in the week, so we dined alone.  The big table on the balcony comfortably seats 6 so it was a shame that it was just the 2 of us but also very romantic.  Of course, since Dan was having HIS favorite meal tonite I was CERTAINLY going to have mine, too, so I AGAIN ordered cream of mushroom soup from Chops.  Honestly, I cannot even recall what I had for my main course (I don't eat lamb, so it certainly wasn't that !).  I think maybe it was prime rib.  Anyway, we had asked to have the food delivered at 6:00 and it was right on time.  They delivered it all together (I thought maybe they would deliver the soup separately since it was coming from Chops...but it all came together).  It was delicious and I was sorry that I had not forced the issue of eating out there more often.  


The rest of the evening, I'm sure, was spent in the casino.  No shows tonite.


Edit:  UGH. I knew I would forget something.


Tonite was the night that the boys up in 1724 had their big shindig.  They had been inviting every person they ran into in the casino, all week, so we were ready for a crowd.  They had been working with Alex and Seapaul (their room attendant) all week.  I think they ran poor Alex ragged.  It was to begin at 8:30 but we got there at 8:00 to try and help, if we could.  There was already a LOT of food there.  There were meat planks from Jamie's and cheese, fruit, cracker trays, champagne, wine, but I noticed that there was no bread to go with the meat trays.  Thinking that people would want to make sandwiches, I said "hey...where's the bread ?"  My God, what a mistake that was !!!  I should have just kept my mouth shut.  Jim #1 (there were 2 Jim's.  We refer to them as the Jim Twins) got on the phone with Alex and before you knew it, there were entire carts full of food coming in...most of it from Sabor !  How they got quesadillas and tacos confused with bread, I couldn't tell ya'.  All I know was that, in the end, there was enough food to serve 500 people !  Jim #2 began to panic.  We were OUT of places to put food even with the huge tables inside and outside.  We had to start turning carts away and having them remove food.  I don't recall whether they ever got bread or not !  I think they did.


I remarked to Alex (who showed up to witness the mess that had been created) what they were going to do with all of this food that was either rejected or left over.  I was horrified at the thought that it would all go to waste. She assured me that it would not.  Apparently all of the "extra" would be taken down to the crew area and consumed by the crew.  I don't know if this is an "official" process or not.  Probably not.  Certainly it would never be allowed by American sanitation codes but when you're in the middle of ocean I guess just about anything goes.  So I was assured that the crew would eat well and not to worry about it going to waste.


We left about 10:00 and we saw the Jim Twins later down in the casino so I guess the party went until around midnight.  I'm sure the others up on 17 were not particularly thrilled with the party but it didn't go REALLY late so I guess all was well in the end.

Day 6.pdf

Thanks for your super informative review.


We are sailing in 1724 in August. Also on my reservation ( err, credit card bill) are my folks, in-laws, and brother/sister in law. Also travelling with us but in separate unlinked  reservations are my 2 aunts, and aunt and cousin.


My wife and I were hoping to have a sail away party on our balcony. Is this easily do-able? I've heard rumours genies being able to arrange it with a selection of food and some beverages too. Is this easily achieved do you know? Are there fees associated with it?

I'm also optimistic that our genie might be able to get Poppy the troll to slide by.. my daughter will lose her mind!



Thanks in advance.

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6 hours ago, constable145 said:

My wife and I were hoping to have a sail away party on our balcony. Is this easily do-able? I've heard rumours genies being able to arrange it with a selection of food and some beverages too. Is this easily achieved do you know? Are there fees associated with it?

I'm also optimistic that our genie might be able to get Poppy the troll to slide by.. my daughter will lose her mind!

Look forward to a great week.  The Genies are so good at coordinating family events.

Absolutely your Genie should be able to help with a sailaway party.  I would definitely mention this in my initial contact email to him/her.  Since embark day is very busy for the Genie, they will want to know as far in advance as they can.

All of the food will be complimentary and it will come from whatever specialty restaurant you want.  We got the food for our Cabin Crawl party from Jaimie's (meat/cheese planks) and it was absolutely perfect.  Beer and sodas are complimentary.  If you want wine or sparkling wine you must pay for it but you receive a nice discount per bottle so honestly, it is not an expense that would make you change your mind about doing it.  I think we paid slightly over $80 for 4 bottles of sparkling wine.  Well worth it.  The Genie will arrange for glasses (including champagne glasses), silverware, plates, napkins....everything....to be delivered to your room.  Hard liquor is a bit more complicated.  While the Genie WILL order drinks for you and have them delivered to your room,  I really think they try and discourage it.  Our friends, who stayed up in the SLS, wanted bottles of liquor delivered (Vodka and God knows what else) and their Genie told them it would be about $200/bottle.  I think they went ahead and got them anyway...but I think this is highly discouraged, as the price would indicate.  That never made a whole lot of sense to me since all liquor is complimentary for star class but that's just the reality.  I guess they will serve you all you want by the glass but are hesitant to provide you with full bottles.  Maybe there have been "incidents" in the past.  Who knows...

If you want a server to be at your party, you will have to pay for that.  We did not have a server.  I cannot recall the price (I had inquired about this on a previous cruise) and from what I recall, the price was not unreasonable...but I cannot give you a number.  Old brain.  The Genie will also NOT be there to help.  They make all of the arrangements but they do not participate, which was perfect, for us.  The Genie may well drop by to see how things are going, but they do not stay.

Let me mention something about the "others" traveling with you.  Even if they are not in a star class suite, the chances are good that the Genie will make sure that they are included in your family activities.  Granted, your extended group is much larger than ours was (we only had 1 other couple that was not in a star class suite) but our Genies (between ours and the boys up in the SLS) always made sure that our non-star friends had reserved seating for the shows, reservations at the specialty restaurants (which they were billed for) and any other group activity that the Genies organized.  I will always be grateful to Reyno for making sure that they were NEVER left out and never felt awkward.  I feel sure that your Genie will do the same...but I do realize that your extended family is significantly greater in number than was ours.

I think the whole Troll thing would be well within the ability of the Genie.  I cannot be certain - we had no children in our group - but this is precisely the kind of thing that they actually love arranging.  I would get my hopes up !

Enjoy your Star Class cruise.  You will never ever want to cruise any other way again.  Trust me on this !  We will be back on Harmony in Star Class on the Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise Sept. 16.  Everyone who is going on that group cruise, get ready....b/c there WILL be a party !  Can't wait !!!

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10 hours ago, mathbees said:

Thank you, Waaaytooo.  This was an awesome write up and I look forward to experiencing the 2BR ATS on Oasis in June.  The only complaint I have about your write up is that I want June to be here sooner!  I cannot wait!


Thank you, Gary.  You will LOOOVE this suite.  The views are just extraordinary.  The only problem is that the cruise goes by so fast.

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