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Rapid Test PCR qualify?

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37 minutes ago, BigMilliMike said:

I searched around, but couldn't find anything.

Are RAPID PCR tests acceptable? I wasn't sure if the RAPID part would make the PCR test disqualified.


They are accepted. 

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You'll note below that PCR is not qualified at all, it doesn't say "rapid" or not, just PCR.  Therefore, if it is a PCR test, rapid or not, it's acceptable




All Guests: Required Pre-Cruise Testing

Before boarding day, you’ll need to take a COVID-19 test on your own, at your own expense.

  • Vaccinated guests must show a negative COVID-19 test result for a PCR or antigen test taken no more than 2 days before boarding day. NOTE: Kids age 11 or younger who have been vaccinated may present proof of full vaccination and follow the testing protocols for vaccinated guests.
  • Unvaccinated kids age 2 to 11 must show a negative test result for a PCR test (not antigen) taken no more than 3 days before boarding day.
  • Unvaccinated kids’ pre-cruise test cannot be taken on boarding day, because that may affect the sample taken during the kids’ test at the terminal.
  • Guests under 2 years of age do not need to complete a pre-cruise test.

For guests on a cruise that visits Bermuda, additional travel and testing requirements may apply to your sailing. Learn more.

Unvaccinated Kids Age 2-11: Additional Complimentary Testing

In addition to the pre-cruise test, unvaccinated kids will take one or two more tests, depending on the length of the cruise. Royal Caribbean’s test provider will administer these, at no cost to our guests.

  • On boarding day, unvaccinated kids will take a complimentary test when checking in at the terminal. Registration details will be sent via email in advance. 
  • For cruises that are 5 nights or longer, unvaccinated kids will take a complimentary antigen test onboard before the cruise ends. Guests will be notified onboard about how to register for this test.
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25 minutes ago, FireFishII said:

I was on June 19th Allure of the Sea. Both my husband and I had taken the Walgreens Rapid NAAT test. The test results were accepted

Thanks for sharing that. I came to the group to post this and ask if it was acceptable.

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14 hours ago, AshleyDillo said:

It used to not be way back when this whole pandemic began. Travel usually required PCR as the only acceptable test.  Royal has it clear on their website they accept PCR, NAAT and antigen.

so many different types of tests, I'm worried I'll get the wrong one.

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It's kinda simple folks.  If you look at Royal's own site, which will tell you, plainly, what Royal will accept, you'll be fine.  If it's got a CLIA # or certification #, if it's from those little boxes and you do a proctored test from an entity that is CLIA or Certified and meets Royal's other minimum requirements, your good to go.  Just don't get tooooooo hung up on all the different names of the tests.  A PCR test and a NAAT test are the same, at least as far as Royal is concerned.  Just read the FAQ on Royal's site and you'll be informed about who, when, where.  Rapid or not (and it seems that there are different types/meanings of Rapid) Royal accepts Molecular/PCR/NAAT/Antigen tests either proctored or at your local pharmacy/doctor's office, again, as long as it meets the minimum requirements of Royal, see below.  

NOTE:  Abbott tests are advertised, not required as the only acceptable test for telehealth testing or any other testing.  I've highlighted in RED what I think is the most important items:




Where should I go to get a pre-cruise COVID-19 test? What types of tests are accepted? Where do I submit the results?




Accepted Tests for Guests Sailing from North America (U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada)

Below are details about which tests are accepted to board the ship. The type of test you need for your cruise, as well as the testing window, can vary depending on your vaccination status. If you are unclear on test requirements your for your cruise, visit our main COVID-19 testing FAQ to learn more.

Accepted Types of Tests and Results

  • There are two common types of diagnostic COVID-19 tests 
    • A molecular test, also called a PCR test or NAAT test – our testing requirements call this a “PCR test”
    • An antigen test, also called a rapid antigen test – our testing requirements call this an “antigen test"
  • The test must be supervised by a health professional, such as a doctor, pharmacy technician, public health worker, or telehealth professional. Telehealth testing at home is only accepted for vaccinated guests, and only when it is conducted under live video supervision. Learn more about acceptable telehealth tests including our home test kit.
  • You must receive a valid results document from your test provider that includes the name of the lab that processed the test, the lab’s CLIA Lab Number or Certification Number, the address of the lab, your name, the date the test was taken, type of test, and your negative result. This can be a printed document, email, or telehealth app notification. Fully handwritten doctor’s notes (such as those written on a prescription pad) will not be accepted. Minimal handwritten components (such as a check mark on a “negative” box) are acceptable as long as the other required information is printed on the document. 

Tests We Do Not Accept

  • Antibody tests are not accepted, as they do not detect a current infection.
  • Home test kits that are self-administered at home, and not supervised live by a telehealth professional, are also not accepted.
  • Supervised telehealth tests are not accepted for unvaccinated guests – only for vaccinated guests.

More on Abbott Brand Tests

We get a lot of questions about Abbott tests, the most commonly available COVID-19 test brand. Here’s what’s accepted.

  • Any Abbott brand test administered on site by a pharmacy technician or other health professional is accepted. This includes the common Abbot ID NOW test administered by many pharmacies. The test provider must provide you with a proper results document (no handwritten notes).
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Test, which is taken at home and supervised by a telemedicine professional, is accepted. It must be taken under live video supervision. Learn more about our Abbott telehealth home test kit.
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test, if taken at home and not supervised by a telehealth representative, is NOT accepted.

Where to Get Your Test

COVID-19 testing is very common nowadays. Most local pharmacy chains offer it, and most county or state websites can help you find a local public testing site. You can also go to a doctor’s office, diagnostic lab, or telehealth provider to get your test. For example, Quest Diagnostics offers appointments at over 1,500 locations in the U.S. with testing at no cost if you are eligible.

For sailings that require a pre-cruise test, you will be asked to take the test no more than 2 to 3 days before your sail date, depending on your age and vaccination status. Learn more about how to calculate which days you can take your test.

Make sure that your selected test provider can provide you a valid results document in time for your travel.

Providing Your Results On Boarding Day

You will present your negative test result at the terminal upon boarding. Print out your result if possible for easy access, as you may need to present it at various points. We will also accept a valid results document presented on your phone. 


Except for this:

  • Unvaccinated kids age 2 to 11 must show a negative test result for a PCR test (not antigen) taken no more than 3 days before boarding day.


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