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Vision of the Seas, 27 October 22 (Barcelona)

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We are sailing on this cruise and want to welcome anyone else who will be sharing the ride.

I did notice something weird in Cruise Planner -- the excursions tab has changed the itinerary so that Day 2 is Toulon (vice Villefranche) and Day 3 is Monaco (vice Toulon).  Found this out when I tried to rebook Eze excursion at a lower price, and it conflicted with our MyTime Dining reservation.  I had to cancel our dinner reservations because the excursion is now shown as 14 hours instead of 8-9 hours.

The normal Royal booking site still has the original itinerary, so I am guessing this is another Cruise Planner IT error.  However, since no one answered my Discussion post I thought I'd through this observation out for comment to fellow guests.

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Not showing on Royal's search website anymore.  Perhaps sold out?   Cruise excursions still messed up for Day 2 and 3 as though itinerary has changed.  Pull down menu for excursions doesn't match posted itinerary.

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I also noticed on the excursions tab on the Cruise Planner website that it appears the itinerary has changed. If you download and look at the sailing on the Royal Caribbean app it hasn't changed and there are completely different excursions offered on those days. I called RC and spoke to a very confused fellow from customer service who stated the itinerary hadn't changed and he "couldn't see what I could see".  Very strange. Super excited to be sailing this October!

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