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Certificate of recovery within 90 days in lieu of testing starting March 11th

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Just got an e-mail for my cruise leaving March 11th and it linked to the healthy sail center which has some changes starting March 11th. The most significant is a positive PCR test between 11 and 90 days ago exempts you from testing. The e-mail sent me this link, some ports do not accept it yet but we aren't going to those ports, looks like I don't need to test! I have a test scheduled for tomorrow, I'll probably still go because I am not comfortable with anything on the first day of implementation.


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Sounds like you must still present a vaccination card showing you are fully vaccinated….and then a certificate of recovery meeting those specific, concise and exact requirements. Including a CLIA number.  
Im assuming this is for those who are fully vaccinated, and then subsequently infected and recovered, close to the sail date…within 90 days to 11 days. I’m still guessing, but…would an antigen test still show positive if you recovered a month ago?  It says an Antigen test would not be accepted. But, if I have my vaccination card and a negative Antigen test…..I don’t need anything else.
There are questions…which could make for lots of interpretations by individual port workers and different outcomes for different cases. I hope they can institute a central resource to call when a question arises at the port, and not just depend on the honest assessment by a worker who can make or break a cruise vacation.

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