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These are what I had just last week on Odyssey and I enjoyed them all very much.

Appetizers: The Bird's Nest & Crispy Crab Cones

Main Course: The Rib “I” Luscious Short Rib

Dessert: "The World" (a dark chocolate ball filled with ice cream and mousse, the ball is then melted by drizzling hot caramel over it at your table. Delicious!)

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29 minutes ago, PG Cruiser said:

How does the UDP work in Wonderland?

No different than it would at most of the other restaurants.

Entrées are the short rib, pork, chicken, halibut, and branzino dishes. Just about everything else is "small bite" portions. If you wanted to sample every "small bite" type item, no problem.

Key this is to specify any dislikes/problematic food items.

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The short rib at Wonderland was the best that I've had on a Royal ship, so I always will order that. We really like the shrimp appetizer as well and the deviled eggs.

For drinks, the Cheshire Cat Cosmo really surprised me. I expected it to be super sweet, but it wasn't at all and was actually really tasty.

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