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My sailing if for Apr 17.  I spoke with 2 different representatives on the phone yesterday and asked for my final payment date (just wanted to be sure information was consistent) and the date given to me was March 18.  So that changed from January 17.  No notification was sent to me, I just was calling with another question and decided to ask.  Wish they were better at contacting people with information.  Question:  do they notify you when your final payment is due or are you just expected to know it and pay up?

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11 hours ago, PPPJJ-GCVAB said:

My April 18th cruise has a final payment due Feb 2nd so that is 75 days (it’s a 4night cruise).  Would love it to change to 30 days!

 I paid my March cruise in full already (got my lovely AMEX $500 credit) so not sure when it would be due…

Im sailing on April 18th - my final payment now shows as March 19 

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