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Yanya B

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I hope they will add a few more for St. Thomas and San Juan! Not much to choose from for the moment 😞 At least I could book the Beach Club for Coco Bay.

Also I checked whilst booking, they must have massively increased capacity. There a lot of more staterooms available then a week ago (I only checked Balconies and Suites).


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On 12/7/2021 at 9:22 AM, wjackson2289 said:

Woo they fixed it!Β 

We got ourselves a floating cabana on cococay, i have never cruised before i cant wait!

That’s great, hope you have a fantastic time! My family wanted to get a floating cabana. But, I just couldn’t justify it for the four of us, so we got the Coco Beach Club excursion instead. See you on the beach.Β 

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