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xSAILEDx Grandeur of the Seas DEC 26

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Anyone here booked on this sailing? It is a fantastic itinerary, but I am concerned about all the testing requirements (for the island, then again to get on the ship, and whether I have to book excursions with RC because of the islands that might restrict access). We have a pre and post cruise stay because it was so hard to get flights at Christmas to be sure to arrive on time for the cruise and I wanted to stay a little longer in Barbados. Even with my family and I all being vaccinated by then, I am concerned about tests expiring, etc. Anyone else in this predicament? 

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hi @Pam from DC

I'm "booked" on the Dec 5th sailing, but I already know I'm going to cancel it.  (I whacked my air2sea flights already & booked a Navigator sailing out of LA at the same time, so I've crossed my Rubicon with regards to Barbados.  I'm done with them).

Royal just issued our docs, but its still not open for online check-in.  there have been no protocols announced yet either, from what I can tell.  when you go to the "getting ready to cruise" page on rc.com, Barbados still doesn't even show up in the drop-down menu.  but then again, none of the INTL ports of departure show up.  

based on my own research from the visitbarbados.org site, they have scrapped the mandatory testing on arrival at the Barbados Airport, which also came with a mandatory quarantine until the results of that airport arrival test came back (how nice of them!).  however it looks like if you do a pre-cruise stay, you'll need to get another PCR test on the island to get onboard the ship.  it doesn't say what happens if you test positive on the island before you board.  returning at the end of the cruise, it looks like as long as the cruise line can get you an antigen test within 3 days of arrival back into Barbados, and its negative, you're good to disembark and start a post-cruise stay on the island.  

is that how you interpret it as well?  these were updated by Barbados in late October but previously they were much more onerous, which led to my decision to scrap the voyage.  and I haven't even glanced at the requirements for the other ports.  shame, because as you said, the itinerary is pretty epic.  

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