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Hi all, boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September.  I'm curious if my fellow Flowboarding enthusiasts can share what it has been like at the FlowRiders onboard with the current sailing capacity.  I'd imagine the lines are shorter, but looking at the Daily Planners it also seems like the FlowRider operating hours seem to be less than usual?

Also this will be the first time I have to air travel with my flowboard, any tips on safe transport?  I bought some pipe insulation from Home Depot and wrapped them around the edge of the board, then covered the front and the back with some foam sheets and shoved it into a longboard bag.  Hopefully that's enough to prevent any damage.

Can't wait to hit the FlowRider again, fell in love with it ever since I tried it for the first time on the Allure of the Seas in 2012.  Sucks I only get to flowboard when I go on a cruise since there aren't any places on land with a FlowRider that's within a reasonable driving radius for me.  

I'd love to hear about your Flowboarding stories too if you got them!

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Sub 10 minute wait for boogie and surf and that was only because it was middle of change over.....so people queued up.  30 minutes later they were practically hot lapping (Drag racing term for making a run, running around back to the start line and waiting for only 1 or 2 people and getting right back at it)

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