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xSAILEDx Anthem of the Seas - Nov 7th, 2021


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Update…. Back in Bayonne today so I called Royal. Very nice agent, as always, took my info and asked me to hold while he checked. I was prepared for this so I just put my phone on speaker and listened to the recorded commercials while he checked. After the typical 30-ish minute hold he came back and told me the $422 was re-applied as on board credit. I then asked (dopey me…should have asked the first time, but I didn’t want to confuse him) about the $100 OBC that I had received. Was it from my Shareholder credit or was it the Inconvenience Credit…if Inconvenience then shouldn’t it have been $200 because I have a Junior Suite. Another 15 minute hold and he came back and said yes, Juniors get the $200. So that was added. Not bad for 45 minutes…total gain; $622. Still pending the additional $100 Shareholder. Just wished it could have been done automatically but…things can get confusing with multiple changes. 
You have to keep track of these things…especially if you’re not using a good TA. Makes me appreciate them more and more seeing what I go through with just me as a client for myself!🤪

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On 10/21/2021 at 6:57 PM, ChrisE said:

@BrianB Weird. For a second I thought we were going out of UK lol.... I ended up getting $411 back for repricing plus $200 in on board credit for the inconvenience with an interior room plus the Shareholder benefit. We haven't cruised since 2019 so with only 18 days left we are getting super excited. 

Glad to hear it worked out 2 weeks left.  Cu on the ship. Yah

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