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Mock Booking

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I don't know if it's just my laptop, iPad, and cell phone but I have been trying for over a week to do mock bookings to check prices and each time I do so...after entering my info... I get the spinning icon which never stops!  I even updated and shut down my laptop...but still the same thing happens...EVERY TIME!!!

Anyone else having this problem??

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So I tried the incognito mode and also "allowed cookies" but still nothing!  I used my own info and also made up a few names!  Each time I get as far as entering all the personal info so I can see the pricing but I am trying to get to the screen for choosing the dining time...seeing what the refundable fare cost would be as well as insurance cost and that is when the spinning anchor never stops!

I will keep trying...it has to work some time!!   

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Try a completely different ship and sail date as a test.

I have seen in some rare instances where one cabin in inventory is wonky and can't actually be booked as it is offered on the website.  For example some of the 2W studio interior appear on the website as a guarantee interior but they are not a guarantee.  When selecting one in this confused state it won't actually take your money.  If you call them they don't see it as a guarantee and they let you pick your 2W cabin with no issue at the rate of the guarantee on the website.

That's just one example so if you trying the same ship, date and cabin try something different, or just call them.    

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I am looking at the Navigator for Nov 3, 2022.  I have the 7th booked but my travel plans have changed and I may need to sail that earlier date.  Looking at either the Aft balcony on the 9th deck or JS...for 2 people.

Just did my sailing on Oasis for this November and was able to get all the way through.  So maybe it's got something to do with the Navigator sailings?

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