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Rowing Machines in gym?

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I have recently started rowing on a machine at home.   I would like to continue while cruising.   I think there are Rowing machines but I can't get any confirmation.   

I have a Concept 2 (which is the most popular) with a PM 5 (Performance Monitor).   That allows me to log my data so if the PM model is known that would help also.   

Anyone know what ships have them and what brand / model? 



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That's better than my times so far but I'm getting better.    Any idea about monitor models?  I think PM 4s can be used to load data onto some kind of medium but I do not know how to do that process.  I only have experienced the PM5.   Specifically I have upcoming trips on Anthem and Oasis.  

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Hydrow rower here.  So do concept 2 rowers require some sort of interface to work?  I was planning on just jumping on and rowing to a workout on my Hydrow app on my iPhone.  Or is the PM just for tracking your meters, etc?  

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There is a damper (resistance) for calorie calculation.

Set at 10 the pulls are harder (like a light deadlift) but two cals per pull is possible.

Set at 1 the pulls are easy but slow to accrue calories.

meters are based only on flywheel speed. 

When rowing for distance I set damper at 5 

Concept 2 rowers are much smoother than water type but make more noise. 

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The PM is for tracking workouts.   Nothing extra is needed to operate the rower.   You can just start rowing.  

The PM connects with Bluetooth to my phone.   The data from the wprlout is stored on a temporary log, then when wifi is available the log can be transmitted to the web based Concept 2 logbook and my Garmin account.  

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