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OASIS - Nov 3, 2021 (Western Caribbean)

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2 hours ago, thehungrymuppet said:

Hi guys! 👋 I’m new to the message boards (well, I’ve lurked, but I only recently made an account). My husband and I are booked for this cruise and we are really excited about it. We don’t really have work flexibility for a 7-day cruise, so it’s cool for us to be able to check out the Oasis on a 4-day itinerary.

I’ve only been on one cruise before ever, which was the Navigator of the Seas, for a 3-day cruise in August of 2019. We had a good time, but due to flights being delayed then cancelled, we didn’t sleep the night before boarding and I was a bit sick from some airport food and then was seasick... TLDR - I spent most of the cruise taking Dramamine and sleeping! So we really didn’t take advantage of what the ship had to offer, except for sleeping in the solarium, LOL.

This time around, we have direct flights 2 days prior to departure and I’m getting a scopolamine patch prescription (as well as being well prepared with the pressure point bands and non-drowsy nausea meds if needed)! We are ready to have a good time. 😁

Welcome aboard.

I am right there with you in not being able to take a 7 day cruise. My wife and I just take 4 and 5 night cruises mainly but she recently stated that the gloves were off and book what I can. We now have a 6 night cruise booked for October 2022 which I am really looking forward to as well. Hell, at this point we are looking forward to any kind of vacation.

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OK...so I just tried to look at prices for our sailing and cannot find it listed!  Hoping there is just a little glitch and it will be back on the list tomorrow!  Not sure why it would have disappeared?  🤔

Just searched by cruise ships and found it.  Prices are much higher than they were when I booked!  At least I feel better knowing it can still be booked.

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