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xSAILEDx Allure of the Seas Oct 24 — Oct 31, 2021


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1 hour ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Does anyone see the section to upload vaccination card photos on our sailing yet?

I never saw it available for my Allure sailing beginning of September, but I don't recall anyone else seeing it before then regardless. Feature may not have been added until later, so my guess it's ship specific may be wrong. My upcoming Freedom sailing has the option.

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2 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

I was able to upload my vaccination photo/information just now.

Thanks for the update.  I'll get on that.

9 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Same with me.  Darn, no aquatheatre suite for me.

Was looking forward to a two bed room aquatheatre suite with a genie.  Oh well. 😞

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25 minutes ago, wstephensi said:

Excited to see we maybe able to view a Space launch the morning of 30 Oct.


We should be about 100 to 150 miles off the Space Coast.

We'll set an alarm!

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  • AshleyDillo changed the title to xSAILEDx Allure of the Seas Oct 24 — Oct 31, 2021

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