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xSAILEDx Allure of the Seas Oct 24 — Oct 31, 2021


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3 minutes ago, Ampurp85 said:

I just got mines for the Oct 31st. As we are 5 in a suite I have 1 for the first 4 guest and 1 for the last.  The 1st one showed up and have everything. The separate guest one was blank in Chrome and Firefox but shows up in Edge.🤷‍♀️

I tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.  I made sure before I fussed at Michelle, lol.

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12 hours ago, Kent said:

Our kids are college athletes, and they will at times do a t-shirt exchange with other teams after they compete.  My wife and I were thinking it could be fun to suggest that to this group.  Anyone want a shirt from Minnesota?  You should.

...just a thought

I'm gonna pass on a shirt from Minnesota 🙂

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Prices for this cruise are dropping like a rock!  I got a great deal when I booked back in May, but its $259 dollars lower today.  My TA (Crucon) has grown tired of my inquiries throughout this booking so I was reluctant, but then did send an email about it.  I priced it on their own website.  Just a reminder to check your pricing.  I'm expecting OBC as well as another Royal Up offer soon.

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12 hours ago, wstephensi said:

Cabin prices dropped.  Repriced mine and saved a little, but I had a very good price to begin with.  Suite prices decreased by hundreds and even thousands over earlier in the week pricing. 



Thanks to you and @michelle I just received this!  


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