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xSAILEDx Allure of the Seas Oct 24 — Oct 31, 2021


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Y'all, I'm SO excited!  Today I secured a pet sitter (our biggest challenge)  My! PTO has been approved!  Mr. SpeedNoodles won't know if he can go or not yet (can't put in for his PTO until late July), but I'll be going no matter what (with the Mr, with another friend, or by myself if I have to!)  SO. EXCITED.

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11 hours ago, Marc Van Niekerk said:

This latest news about Vaccine Mixing has us now questionable for this.  Just made final payment last week but may need to pull it if we don't have good answers.

Hopefully the fact that they've pulled it from their website means that they will allow it.

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52 minutes ago, Marc Van Niekerk said:

We certainly do hope so.  We fear they are just finalizing their rules for FCC vs Refund in the situation.

FWIW - When I cancelled an August cruise because I didn't like the mask policy the phone agent stated I had 30 days after protocols were announced to request a refund.

I don't know if the 30 days cited is official policy (can't find it written anywhere) or the magic answer everyone has been conditioned to say... 30 days for refund, 30 days for FCC, 30 days until check in, 30 days until luggage tags, 30 days until the CDC actually changes something, etc.

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35 minutes ago, PaulRC said:

Yes it is! Myself and the whole group of 8 of us also got the 1 pm check in.  Any idea what time boarding will start?


I'm guessing 1pm. No way earlier times were full before we checked in the first day (she says confidently, yet without any data to back it up).

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