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Cuba back on the table?

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I have to imagine that it's pretty low on the priority list and I'm not sure it's even on the list in the first place.

On the surface restoring Cuba tourism doesn't seem to check any priority action items like doing things that create American jobs or something that contributes to the American economy.  It helps the people of Cuba to an extent.  It certainly helps the Cuban government but is that a good thing?  What's in it for America?

Cuba remains controversial.  Many Americans had property and assets seized by the Cuban government.  Those individuals have never been addressed or compensated for their loss.  For would be American tourists it seems black and white but it's not.  

Once a new cabinet is formed there will presumably be someone whose role will be to consider foreign relationships around the world.  That team may have some thoughts on Cuba and what should be done with the relationship with the Cuban government but that will need to considered in the much bigger picture of relationships around the world that were changed over the past four years.  Is the Cuban government even open to working with a Biden administration?  Who knows?

All that to say it's not going to be a flick of the light switch, or shouldn't be in my opinion.  They will need to consider the long term direction they want America to take with respect to Cuba and then find actions to move in that direction.  This process will or should take time in my opinion.  They shouldn't undo actions of the current administration simply because those actions were taken by the current administration.  The world is different now compared to 8 years ago and it will be different in another four years.  Actions have consequences.  It needs to be thought about carefully and we should examine how each action impacts America.

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I imagine it will eventually, but like @twangster said... I doubt it is super high on the priority list. Cruising into Cuba didn't start until 2016... I wouldn't be surprised if it took another 3-4 years to get back into a change in policy. And by then, we have another election so who knows. I hope they do! I would love to do the Empress itinerary again (this time without breaking my knee 😂)

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