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I'm thinking a control room, given the holes on both sides.  The cutouts on the other side are too rectangular and precise.

Explosion proof control room for safety.

Spheres with massive cutouts on multiple sides make for lousy tanks.   

Spheres are pretty great at dealing with explosions.  Very strong.  

They wouldn't deliver it to the shipyard now if it were going top side.  It's got to be going low in the ship so it can be installed sooner rather than later.

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2 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

With the plumbing built in, is it some wacky new stateroom?

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2 hours ago, Traveler said:

I think you got it all wrong , yes its with strong walls (also perfect soundproof) and great shape against explosions but it going to serve one purpose only.  Please welcome the new pinnacle club .

You are on the money,a pressure vessel to contain the pineapple’s.

But there’s no window seats to fight over.

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54 minutes ago, MuttMutt said:

With the new pictures that show a lot more I see steps and what looks like an entranceway and exit.  Looks more like some stairs that will be used for a venue or possibly on a stage.

It’s definitely a venue and not a pressure vessel for fuel.

Thinking of 270 and the robotic screens it’s something along those lines.

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It's not the Death Star, it's the Galatic Senate!



If the Quantum ships have two70ºs, the Wonder will have a 360º.  It's too small to be the equivalent of a two70º, it may be more like a Spherical Music Hall or Dazzles. (I'm not a fan of the present layout/design of Dazzles on Oasis class ships)

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1 hour ago, SPS said:

Does anyone have any idea if most ports have LNG available?

I'm wondering if the availability of LNG may limit the number of ports where the Icon Class ships can originate or visit.

Availability is growing constantly.  Carnival Corp in particular has been very aggressive with LNG ships.  They have 6 service already (Carnival Mardi Gras, AidaNova, AidaCosma (delivered or shortly delivered), Costa Toscana, Costa Smeralda and P&O Iona).  Carnival has 5 more on order as well (2 for Princess, 2 for Carnival 1 for P&O).  MSC has 6 or so on order (4 world class and a Meraviglia class that will be LNG). 

Carnival Cruise lines uses theirs out of Port Canaveral currently and is adding Miami and Galveston as homeports in the next 2 years for LNG.  Aida/Costa sail from Italy, Barcelona, and Grand Canaria with these and Iona sails from Southampton.  

I have read about ports such as Amsterdam and others coming online.  Any port that is big in cargo and cruise will likely relatively easily be able to handle adding LNG operations as LNG has been part of the cargo industry for longer.  

For Icon, the size is limiting just as the LNG component.  

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