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From my weekly call this evening with the post-cruise team... and using my mid NOV sailing with a final payment of AUG 30 as an example...

If the global suspension is extended or even after my final payment date of AUG 30, as long as the booking is fully paid for by a FCC, and is changed from a 'active' state to a ' cancelled state' regardless of whether its under the cruise with confidence policy, changing of ship and sail date prior to final payment, OR extension of the global pause... as long as the entire booking is covered by a FCC, it can simply be un-applied at any time. So one doesn't Gain or Lose anything, its neutral. So in theory at this point one could make as many changes they wanted even after final payment.

Me being me, I have two refundable deposits and two bookings of the same itinerary at any given time in the current global situation...so I shift priority between the MAIN and BACKUP bookings each time based on how long the global suspension goes on for.

Of course if the FCC doesn't fully cover the pre-tax fare... then it gets a bit more technical and in that situation a FUNDS MAINTENANCE TRANSFER is done on top of removing and re-applying the FCC in a fully paid state. Their advice, do not go through regular reservations to un-apply and re-apply FCC's if shifting FCC's between bookings as regular reservations is not generally cross-trained in removing and re-applying an FCC from one booking to another. In fact, general reservations will insist that one cannot actually do this and that an FCC takes up to 30 days to be re-instated. So to avoid this just bypass that line altogether.

What general reservations CAN do is apply an unused FCC to a new booking when they create a new booking... but anything short of that, has to go through the post-cruise team at 1-800-256-6649. Hope this gave some clarity to any guests here who have a pre-tax cruise fare that's fully covered by an FCC.

The above in theory does not apply to a Lift & Shift since a lift and shift can only be done once over the course of the life of a booking... HOWEVER depending who one gets on the phone, a 'friendly' RSS agent can usually waive this policy as well.


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