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Carnival Unofficially Cancels AUG / SEPT no itineraries till OCT

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The entire industry is really screwed. CCL is selling off their older ships to raise capitol but it might be too little too late. RC could be next in line for the sell off. At this point our Thanksgiving sailing is looking like a pipe dream. What’s next? I would like to remain hopeful but I think reality is that 2020 cruising is a flushed toilet and the future of cruising is not looking positive at all. None of these companies want to make the first move and risk it all due to an infection. They are burning through reserve cash and could be left with no choice but to sell ships or declare BK. I just want to get back to my loft suite and watch the sunset from the balcony before dinner at Chops! 

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15 minutes ago, Snotarni said:

I'm still holding out hope for my December sailings (Mariner 12/4 and Freedom 12/13);  I'm losing hope for my August and September ones...  I do miss the at-sea sunrises and sunsets (and the Drink Package!)

I lost hope for September. Honestly though I'll say this ... As the 90 day mark approaches, this is when the excitement normally really starts to builds up ... however, instead it's stressful. My wife doesn't seem into it at all because of the concerns about masks & maybe one of the first "guinea pig's" with new procedures. We are in this holding pattern - will we sail - will we want to sail - should we L&S - should we just cancel - etc. So maybe them cancelling will be just what the doctor ordered to eliminate the 'firstworldproblem' stress. 

I never made a sunrise, but sure do miss a good sunset at sea - especially that first day ... just finished overdoing it with the drink package & about to wash up for dinner ... but you wait for the sun to set.

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typo & add my point of rant!
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4 hours ago, monctonguy said:

Just another delay in the grand scheme of things...I fully expect this to be extended a few more times yet...

09/15/2022 perhaps? There will be one cruise line conglomerate owned by either the Chinese or Saudi’s and it will be a mix of all the pawned off ships from the now defunct “big 3” cruise lines. Imagine you could eat at Guys burger joint while staying in a Haven Suite and watch the aqua theatre show! 

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