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Enchantment of the Seas out of San Juan

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Looking for opinions on the Enchantment of the Seas out of San Juan. 

Looks like she has not had a refurbishment in 8 years.  Is she looking old?  ?

Is she too small to find enough entertainment for a 19 yr old?  ?

We love the ports of call out of San Juan, but I am concerned the 19 yr old will be disappointed with this ship.  

Thanks for the opinions, good bad or indifferent. ?


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Was on Enchantment of the Seas in December, 2018. In fact that's where we booked our "Next Cruise" for this December. Yes she's an older smaller ship, but she still does the job of bringing you a great vacation. Look up everything Royal Caribbean has on her on their website and check out the Cruise Compass section of this blog to give you an idea of what goes on during a typical cruise. 

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Our family was on Enchantment in February (me, DH, DD 11, DS 8, and my MIL). My kids are obviously younger than your 19 year old, but I think they could have a great time. It really depends  on their personality. Enchantment has all the core activities the bigger ships have - shows, music, pools, game shows, rockwall,  trivia etc. If your teen has to constantly "be entertained" by activities, you may want a ship that offers additional things as Enchantment does not have a flow rider, water slides, or zip line. But if your teen is ok with some people watching and relaxing with a book on occasion, she's a great choice. Yes, she's older, but she's not falling apart. The service was the best we've had on any of our 4 cruises. DH and I were supposed to be back on her this month. 

Here's a link to my review of the ship. 


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Sailed on her in 2016.  

To me the question comes down to the itinerary.  Is this going to be port intensive where you won't have a lot of sea days and you will be in port for extended time.  If the answer is yes, than I would go for it.  However, if you will be on the ship for multiple sea days than I would probably look at another ship.

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I’ve been on Enchantment 4X and was supposed to be on her last week.  We still have her booked in October as well (if that cruise doesn’t get cancelled).  It’s a great intimate ship for couples, but I would not recommend it for teenagers as they will be bored out of their minds.  My young ones love it because of the kids club, but the “splash pad” is a joke.  The arcade has 4 machines and is the size of a large closet.  

As far as appearance, it needs a refurb job real bad.  I believe it was supposed to be done at the end of this year when it left Galveston for a small refurb job before or after heading to San Juan, but that was cancelled due to funds.  

The wood is worn and faded, curtains are torn, but that doesn’t bother my family as we love the size of the ship and especially the crew.  They really make it a wonderful cruise and are extremely friendly as you will see most of them multiple times on a 5 nt cruise. 

They replaced all the carpet when we were on it in early March, and it had a fresh coat of paint on the outside.  That being said there are still many rust spots showing its age.  

The only specialty restaurant on board is Chops, but the service and quality we receive there keeps us coming back every night.  

If that is the type of stuff that bothers you I would skip this ship.  As I said earlier, it doesn’t bother us and we love it! 

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