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Give me Liberty annnd an $18 DX Package? I'll Take it! Liberty of the Seas Feb 16-23 Western Caribbean

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We clean up pretty nicely when we want to there’s always one in every crowd.  

The kids with their Aunt Julie Someone is living her best life

Many updates coming tonight!! For now, I will leave you with a little teaser of how the day went today!

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C61603EC-8AAE-42C1-8951-741C548C852C.thumb.jpeg.f29c43549d7e0004967fa4a50ba80838.jpegWell, the train wreck that is Newark Airport has not disappointed. After a brief and uneventful flight, we have landed at Newark, annnnnnd of course we are early, no gate is available for our plane to go to, so we are sitting on the tarmac waiting for one to open up........Nothing you can do but 😂 


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Just now, emsff02 said:

All seated on our next flight. The plane is oversold and they are now offering A $3000 travel voucher for people to take a later flight! Next stop Houston!

We fly in 2 to 4 days early to experience the port area (read: fish). I would TOTALLY take that and send DH and DS on!

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44 minutes ago, Baked Alaska said:


I think that "somebody" wants to come along, too! It's hard for me to leave our "somebody"(Manny) with sitters, but I know he will be happy-ish. 

Our dog Rusty would prefer to come with us as well. He is a huge snuggler, and sometimes I feel that we are his “emotional support humans” It is hard to leave him with the boarders sometimes.


I mean, look at that face!

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Hotel Tour: We are staying at a Homewood Suites by Hilton. We have a 2br suite. 

Living room

Master BR has a king size


Bedroom 2 is two queens


There is a small kitchenette 


I always find these situations funny....


I do a lot of codes inspections with the FD, so when I see stuff like this I wonder how this got past the design phase.🤷🏻‍♂️

The kids are already in the pool


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I’m up early this AM because well, it’s 7 in NY and my internal alarm AKA bladder started screaming at me. While everyone else is sleeping let’s get caught up. Oh did I also mention ITS CRUISE DAY!!!

happy jonah hill GIF

Last night we headed out for some dinner. My father has traveled to Houston many times for business, and he recommended a place called Fajita Willies. 

We were happy we made this choice. The food was good. The portions are large, and priced well. All in with an App, drinks, tip, we were only out $65.

Early into the meal, we were starting to lose this guy. He’s a boy who likes his sleep, and getting up at 5 am for our flights was rough on him.



Here is a shot of the meals.


I got the mixed fajitas. Lydia got the kids taco that she loudly exclaimed that “this taco is even better than the ones you make dad!” Kid, I would certainly hope so😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ Johnny got a quesadilla, and Heather got a combo with an enchilada and a taco. Chips and salsa and deep fried jalapeños rounded out the food. The salsa is made fresh every day by a woman who comes in the AM. It’s flavor was rich and smoky, and what surprised us was that it came to the table warm, almost hot. We were discussing this with the waitress who looked at us like we had theee heads when we told her that in NY it’s served cold. 

With full bellies, we headed back to the hotel. Poor Johnny was unconscious three minutes into the ride. We all called it an early night since we were tired. That is all of us except for my sister Julie who was supposed to meet a friend for dinner. That turned into a late night for her, as her friend got out of work waaaay later than she had planned. She didn’t get to dinner till close to 9pm. Oh well, we can sleep when we are dead.

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So yeah, ITS CRUISE DAY. The plan here is eventually I’ll drag everyone out of bed and we will have breakfast here at the hotel. We are to meet our shuttle to the port between 11-12 at the baggage claim area of IAH terminal C. So we will probably leave the hotel around 10 to head back to the airport. 

We have been getting updates in a Facebook group from a passenger who is currently on the ship. They were expecting fog so Liberty has been sailing full speed ahead, and were due to get into port late last night. He just posted that they have made it to port and are tied up. 

He has also posted that there is an issue with the gangways. A minor thing, but I do like that elevated view of the ship as you board. Oh well.AF72C50F-4818-46B8-B4FE-C544912B8C7C.thumb.jpeg.f95879b641f917393a5e865d5a843dd8.jpeg

The kids are still on NY time and both are now up, and asking to use the iPads while I’m working on these past two updates. At least with this 2br suite we can give them the iPads and we can have a little bit longer period of peace and quiet.

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