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Transatlantic Cruise Choice


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So I am considering taking a transatlantic Cruise next year.  I have narrowed it down to two ships (i have not decided which direction i will be going yet, but that does not matter for this question as both ships i have picked are going and coming).  The two ships are Harmony and the Odyssey.  


So my question is, given that cost is almost identical, and that i like both destination options, which should i choose?  Which would you go on?

I want to consider the fact that over half of the trip will be sea days, so which ship has more activities and entertainment, or are both equal?  

Thank you for any advise.

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What time of year would you be doing this crossing? Odyssey may have a bit more in the way of indoor activities, which will be good when the weather is foul; if you think the first few days might not allow for being outside much (pool, rock wall, flow rider, etc.), that will give her an advantage during that time.

Harmony will definitely have a lot more to do on board overall than Odyssey, simply because of her sheer size and multiple neighborhoods. Much of it is outdoor-based, but you'll still have a good number of things going on inside as well.

This kind of an itinerary is very much about the ship being the destination, so any real answer is going to depend on what you want to do while on board. If staying in your room and watching the ocean go by from your balcony is the goal; or lounging by the pools all day with drinks, maybe a book, and some people to chat with is an ideal vacation for you, either ship will do you fine. Odyssey might even be slightly better with its enclosed solarium for those cooler days.

If you want to have something different to do every day and try out a bunch of activities, or you're a foodie and want a lot of finer dining options, Harmony is probably your girl (in combination with the Ultimate Dining Package for the foodie angle).


EDIT - Just re-read your post and saw you wanted the ship with more activities and entertainment. So I would say the last paragraph here stands. Go with Harmony, even with some cooler initial days she's the ship that gives the most of everything.

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Odyssey is a new ship that won't even begin sailing until November 2020, so no one can give their opinions of her yet.  However, @JLMoran did a good job of explaining some of the differences between the two ship classes.

I agree that Harmony is going to have a slide edge in options of things to do overall but Odyssey wouldn't be a bad choice either.  It really depends on what kind of entertainment you prefer:

Harmony has the Boardwalk which has a carousel and the Aquatheater for shows while Odyssey will have 270 for shows.  

Harmony has Studio B which offers ice shows, ice skating, and laser tag.  Odyssey has the SeaPlex which will have bumper cars, flying trapeze, roller skating and the indoor sports court.

Harmony's sports court is outside and also has mini golf.  Harmony has two Flowriders, Odyssey has only one but will also have the SkyPad and iFly.  

Odyssey has the NorthStar which is exclusive to the Quantum class ships.

I don't think you can go wrong with either choice, especially if costs are equal.  Odyssey will be the newer ship but Harmony isn't still relatively new in the Royal fleet.

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