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Looking Forward to ABCs Next Week


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Hi -- Wife and I are excited to visit the ABC islands next week as part of the Freedom group cruise.  Based on the helpful info on these boards, we're planning:

Curacao - RC Fascinating Curacao excursion -  hope we can get up on 1/1 for the 11:15 AM curacao tasting tour, LOL.  Hit Mambo beach area and group event.

Aruba - Head up to the Eagle beach area--no formal excursion.  Group event in the evening.

Bonaire - RC Mangrove and Beach excursion - looking forward to seeing lots of exotic (for us) sea birds and especially flamingos.  

Besides the ABCs:

St Martin - Taxi up to the French side and probably hang out at Grand Case beach.  Will also want to see how Orient Beach area might be recovering some.  We've visited this great island a couple times previously and will see about heading up to the French side along the east shore instead of the longer loop through Maho Beach/airport area.

Also looking forward to meeting other bloggers!


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I am also on the group cruise and we're not big beach people, so the plans are:

Curacao - RC Discover Curacao which includes the caves and the distillery.  Then we will make it out to the Madero Beach Club for the group meet-up.

Aruba - We've rented a UTV for the day and we're going to go out to Arikok National Park first and foremost and then explore Aruba for the remainder of the day.  Then we're going on the group Sunset Cruise.

Bonaire - We rented a golf cart to self-tour for the day and we will meet up at the Bonaire Blond Brewery with the group in the afternoon.

St. Maarten - Nothing reserved but we're possibly interested in Parotte Ville Bird Park in Sint Maarten, Yoda Guy and Guylmohar's on Front Street, and maybe go out to Maho if we can time it with some of the plane landings.  Front Street is easy to get to from the port, but we'll probably just taxi it to the other sites.


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