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Southampton Deployment 2021 and Beyond

Jack M

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Just wondering what everybody's thoughts on deployment for the UK in 2021, port schedules suggest Independence & Anthem although a lot of people thinking it will be one or the other. From what I can see a lot of UK cruisers would prefer Indy from Anthem - but that's not how they have played it out for 2020.

If you don't think it will be Indy & Anthem, what do you think it will be? Maybe Indy + a Voyager Class, or Anthem + Voyager Class?

Look forward to hearing what you all think!

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Anthem & Indy is the ideal combo. Best of both worlds - some are traditionalists and prefer Indy and others prefer the newer, more out of the box Anthem. 

Explorer could easily fill Indy's slot no problem as they are very similar (and EX is being revamped) but ideally, Indy should come back home.

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