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Can You Bring and Use Roku Onboard?

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My young adult son was wondering if he could bring his small Roku device and use it on his stateroom TV.  He has the Voom & Stream package so he'd be able to connect to WiFi.  I just don't know if RC will allow this and if they do allow, can he set up on his TV?  I told him to just enjoy the cruise without watching the television, but he wants to watch his shows while relaxing before bed.  Has anybody done this before?  We will be on the Harmony of the Seas.

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Have not been on the HoS yet... (going in Sep.)... but from what I remember on the Allure and the Oasis... while you might have access to an HDMI port on the TV... the Remote control does not have an option to change the source/feed. I have seen some videos on youtube, of people taking a universal remote to change the source/feed on the TV in order to do what you are talking about. So, it is possible in some cases. Just not sure about on this particular boat. 

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18 minutes ago, vanelli56 said:

while you might have access to an HDMI port on the TV... the Remote control does not have an option to change the source/feed

I have read somewhere on these boards that people have had success asking the cabin attendant for a remote that will change the input but I have not yet tried this myself! 

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We were on Harmony of the Seas in early February 2020. We used Roku and Amazon Prime on the cabin tv.

Here's what you'll need. First, you need onboard wifi. We bought a wifi package for one device (my cell phone). Second, you need a universal tv remote. I bought one for $7 at Dollar General. Third, you'll need to install the Roku app on your phone.

Here's what to do. First, you need to pair the universal remote to the tv. The instructions will be in the package with the remote. Second, make sure that your device is logged onto the onboard wifi. Third, you need to change the input on the TV. This is why you need the universal remote. There will be an option called Mirror. Fourth, on your phone, check the settings for a function that allows you to mirror the phone. I have a Samsung S10 and there is a function called Smart View. Press Smart View and wait for it to pair to the tv. Once you do that, anything you have on your phone screen will be mirrored on the tv. You can then open Roku or Amazon Prime or whatever app you want. Whatever is on your phone will be on the tv screen.

We were in 14562 and the only problem we had was that the wifi signal was spotty at times.

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