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Made final payment, but confirmation shows amount due?


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Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I'm just over three months away from my first-ever cruise on Harmony of the Seas, and I'm super-excited! I made my final payment about 10 days ago, and I wanted to make sure that it was correctly applied. When I look up the reservation on the website, it says that I'm paid in full, and I got the same answer from the automated assistant when calling Royal Caribbean.

When I requested an updated confirmation, though, it shows a balance owing of $327.09. My reservation was made in Canadian dollars and I made the final payment in Canadian dollars, but the amount owing looks as if Royal thought that I owed my remaining balance in US dollars and converted the Canadian amount to US, resulting in me being short.

The confirmation does say "Final Payment has been posted to your reservation" under the Deposit and Final Payment Schedule section.

How worried should I be about this? Worth a call to Royal?

Thanks so much!

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This exact same thing happened to me last year, although with euros rather than Canadian dollars. At the time I took screen shots of the page on their website showing I had paid in full but it was never an issue. Turned out to be the exchange rate working in my favour. Perhaps that's what's going on with your booking too.

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