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Return Flight Question

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Hi. My husband and I are going on Adventure out of Ft. Lauderdale in March.

Our ship is due to dock back by 5:30am. Assuming then we could be off by 8am. 

The internet says its a 10-12 min drive back to the airport.


I would like to take a 10am flight home. However, my travel agent is freaking out about it.

He thinks there is no way we could possible make that and instead wants me to book a 1pm flight and then sit in the airport for hours, wasting our day

Has anyone done this before and provide some insight? I would like to get out ASAP. Our last cruise in Miami we ended up spending 5 hours in the airport waiting for our flight because we followed his advice. (Don't want to do that again). 


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We've made a 10:15am flight out of FLL on our last 2 cruises with no problem.  Of course, we did the self-carry for our luggage and were in line to get off the ship by 6:30.  We took a taxi to the airport.  We had plenty of time to eat breakfast at the airport before boarding.

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Is it doable ? yes it is , I think @twangster  done it many times , but there is also a risk  if the ship is late to dock (Due to sea condition) , custom is late in releasing the ship or simple lines in custom.

To reduce the risk you should due the self carry option which will allow to be one of the first that will disembark , also i would check what will be the cost to change in the last minute to the later flight. I am going to try something like that in my Barcelona cruise.

IF you want to be on the safe side you can always take the 1 PM flight , come early to the airport and try to change it to the early flight  (check first if they allow to do it with no cost or minimal cost)

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I would not want the stress of doing it but you’ve listed your time frame and if you are comfortable, it should be fine.  You should absolutely do self carry and be among the first off the ship.  Sounds like you might want to find a different travel agent as your way of travel and his don’t seem to mesh.  Have a great trip!  Jane

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