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Favorite Cruise Hack/ Tip

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  • Some hotels near the port offer free (or discounted) cruise parking and/or shuttles. Parking at the port is usually the most expensive.


  • Bring Ziploc bags for wet items. Maybe even a dry bag (like kayakers use) if you plan to go to a beach. It not only keeps dry things dry but protects things like phones from sand and can help small items from getting lost.


  • From RCCL : “Royal Caribbean International has closed-circuit television cameras located in hundreds of strategic, public locations throughout the ship but not in private staterooms, public restrooms or private spa areas. These systems are upgraded as new and beneficial technologies are developed. Recordings from these cameras are routinely utilized by our security teams and made available to investigative authorities as requested.” So don’t get stupid.


  • The gold and silver by the inch chain … ain't. Its cheap plated/layered that is worth little and probably will make your skin turn green.


  • Breakfast and lunch are also served in the main dining room.


  • Wash your hands, frequently. Use hand sanitizer. Its almost everywhere on the ship. Stay healthy.


  • Some ports of call have pushy locals trying to hustle a dollar. Learn to ignore them and say no.


  • Drinks are cheaper in port. Unless you drink so much you miss the ship when it leaves.


  • Interior cabins are pitch black when the lights go out. You might what a night light or small flashlight.


  • If you are not flying, you can pack more. Just remember you must carry it and find a place for it in a relatively small cabin.


  • If flying to the departure port, go a night early and book a room near the port. It saves a lot of anxiety about boarding on time, late flights etc.


  • Guests services are usually open 24 hours. Unless it just can't wait, avoid lines by going during off hours.


  • Elevators – a right of way rule that is true everywhere in the world, not just ships: Wait for people to get off before you get on. Its polite, its courteous and it makes sense to enter a space that is less crowded.


  • Take a picture of your passport photo page on your phone. It just might come in handy for ID someday.


  • Take a light weight wind breaker/rain jacket. It can rain and cool off in the evenings, even in the tropics or on a deck underway. Standing at the rail in a slightly cool breeze, watching the reflection of the moon on the water with a loved one could be very romantic and more comfortable with a jacket.
  • Towel clips – those over size clothes pins that hold your towel in place on a deck chair when it’s windy. Nuff said.


  • Ship photographers are always wanting to take your picture. Its free. Unless you want to buy the picture.




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Oh one tip I heard for those travelling with little ones.  Take photos of your kids before heading off the ship.  You can disguise this as an outfit of the day thing, or a morning ritual thing, whatever.  But what's important, having a current photo of your child in what they're wearing that day.  If you're separated from your child, you not only have a description of what they're wearing, but a picture of it.  Because god forbid the worst happens and you're a distraught parent trying to describe your child to the police.  3 feet tall and brown hair isnt much of a description to go off of.  But a picture is worth a thousand words.  Hopefully this is one of those tips you'll never ever need, but if you do, you have the tip.  

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6 hours ago, Ditchdoc said:

Wash your hands, frequently. Use hand sanitizer. Its almost everywhere on the ship. Stay healthy.

Hand sanitizer is available in dispensers on the ship? I was planning on bringing a few but may not have to bring more than one if this is the case. ?

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They do have dispensers available all over the ships.  But I personally keep several mini hand sanitizers (thank you bath and body works for your post xmas sale, I got so many nicely scented minis) and toss one in my purse, one in my pocket, one in hub's pocket, one in every room of my stateroom (by the bed, by the couch, on the balcony, in the bathroom).

That way regardless of where I am, and what I touch, I'm not at a lack of hand sanitizer.  

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4 hours ago, oddly excitered said:

Binoculars are great for a lazy afternoon on the balcony, fun to check out other ships or coast lines.

Love this one! I already had them on my extensive packing list for my sailing in August. 

I also love to travel to beaches with beach gear so you're set even without a cabana, chair or towel. I bring an old sheet for sitting on, pop-up beach tent for shade, my own quick-dry towel, oversize mesh bag and lots of supplies for beach cocktails - cooler bag, 2 reusable plastic bottles, insulated camelpak for water. I get thirsty on vacation!! 

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