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Cancel shore excursion and rebooking for cheaper process

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As said before, no wait time between when you cancel and rebook except a couple of days delay in the refund hitting your credit card. As for the cancel button, that can be found in your order history. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruiseplanner/orderHistory or at the very top center of the cruise planner page in between the logout button and the OBC balance section. Detailed instructions can be found on this blog post



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1 hour ago, Jo-Anne said:

Is it usual for the prices to go up and down for the excursions ?

Also an excursion I wanted to do seems to have disappeared!

Yes, this is very common with usually everything on the cruise planner. Excursions, dining, drink packages, etc. It's best to book ASAP to secure something you want, but watch for sales and price drops and rebook at a lower price. As stated above you will just have to cancel any existing booking before rebooking. It's very easy. Saved by rebooking on our last cruise on 3 excursions, dining package and drink package. 

I warn you though, continuously checking prices can become an addiction!

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