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Found 1 result

  1. Last evening my son and husband went trout fishing. After having caught their limit and cleaned their trout, they walked back to the truck to head home. My husband had thought he had stepped on a stick, breaking it, with part of it snapping and hitting his ankle. He never did see the stick. Just noticed the sharp pain and a little blood about 15 steps later. When they got in the truck, he examined his ankle further and saw two puncture marks. Yep, a snake bite. He went to the emergency room last night and got home around 4:30 AM (today). At that time they did not give him any anti-venom (recall he never saw the snake). Here in the Ozarks, we have many venomous snakes (Copperhead, Rattle snake, and Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth, to name just a few), but rarely do people get bit by them. My husband is now back in the emergency room as I write this post, with further swelling and nausea. We have our Alaska cruise and pre-cruise vacation exactly 365 days from today. The total cost of this YOLO trip approaches $20K. We insure every cruise trip we take with the "Cancel For Any Reason" added to the policy. Had this situation occurred even up to a week before our trip, we would cancel. If you can AFFORD to lose the cost of your trip, whatever the amount, the don't buy trip insurance. Or, if you can afford to lose the cost of your trip, you can afford trip insurance. If you can't (or can't stand the thought of losing the money), BUY TRIP INSURANCE WITH CANCEL FOR ANY REASON TAGGED ON! We need prayers and good thoughts sent our way. Hoping he keeps his leg and we move on from here. Tomorrow is another day.
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