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Found 7 results

  1. Just thought I'd share my experience here regarding my cancelled booking. I'm a bit of a travel aficionado and normally book all my travel directly without EVER using a TA - I also work in Logistics. However one day back in December I came across a good deal on Expedia for the 3 Night Perfect Day cruise for April on MARINER. Little did I know that that what Expedia had in inventory was also available in inventory - a studio cabin. I was under the impression at the time that studios could only be booked via a TA. Figures out eventually after getting the runaround, studio inventory is also
  2. After having called RCL daily regarding refund follow up's per my previous posting (again expert with follow ups and work in logistics)... please note that ALL agents are generally cross trained. Originally I had to wait on hold up to 2 hours to speak to Customer Service (Corporate Guest Relations based in Manila). Some key points to note when calling RCL about how your call gets routed: Sales & Reservations -- US based (up to 8 pm PST) 1-866-562-7625 Corporate Guest Relations (Customer Service) - Guatamala - 1-800-205-9812 / 1-800-256-6649 RCL resolutions (escalated calls)
  3. This is our first time using a travel agent, which I decided to do after listening to about 10 podcasts. . Well, lo and behold she called me earlier this week. Our cruise went down almost $800!!!! Such awesome news and reinforced to me to always use a travel agent for cruises in the future!
  4. I have an existing cruise reservation that I would like to transfer over to MEI. Does anyone have a specific travel agent at MEI they would recommend? I have had some bad luck with some other agencies in the past. I would like to find a good agent that will check in with me when new promotions come out and potentially save me some money.
  5. To make a long story short, I have an on-line booking and was looking to move it to my travel agent. I have had a Crown and Anchor account for years. All of the sudden, it said my log in was wrong (which wasn't). I couldn't retrieve my recovery as I haven't had that email for years. I created a new log in but now I cannot pay on-line. I called RCI and they couldn't get it fixed either. I can call and pay over the phone but that is kind of a hassle for me I feel like. Are they any of you that call in your payment directly to RCI? I don't know if I can even transfer it to my travel agent
  6. For those who have ever vacillated over whether or not using a travel agent was in your best interest or not, let me assure you that a GOOD travel agent is priceless. I have proven that to myself this week with the disaster that Royal Caribbean created with its cancellation of the Empress sailings in March and April. As everyone now knows, Royal Caribbean cancelled 6 sailings on the Empress of the Seas, due to sail beginning in late March through mid-April. Dan and I were booked on the April 11, right, smack dab in the middle of that cancellation cluster. It was a psychological blow
  7. Hi Everyone! Taking Matts advice I've been trying to find a travel agent located in Australia. So far, they either don't reply to emails or don't actually read the email before replying. I really want to book Ovation through an agent but I'm running out of time. I live in Melbourne but I'm happy to use email and phone so any recommendations around Australia would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Luke.
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