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Found 7 results

  1. As a rule of thumb regarding NON-REF vs REF bookings, its always best to book a REFUNDABLE deposit as this allows one to change their dates up to final payment date. Even in regular times, a NON-REF deposit would incur a $100 fee to simply shift sail date and ship. Just note that whether its NON-REF or REF - booking is 'locked in' after final payment. This means the LIFT & SHIFT or CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE apply at that point. Also **very important** - a REFUNDABLE booking can always be downgraded to NON-REFUNDABLE before final payment. However one CANNOT upgrade from NON-REF to REFUNDABLE. For flexibility as most tend to book cruises several months out, anything can happen so its good to have the refundable deposit up to final payment to allow for any changes in plans. A REFUNDABLE deposit also allows one to re-price their cruise before final payment in regular times. What I have usually done is kept a REFUNDABLE deposit until an hour before final payment is due then downgraded to NON-REF... though in that case, sometimes NON-REF costs more than REF if its the day of final payment ๐Ÿ™‚ Before I forget... if an FCC was used to cover the pre-tax voyage fare less taxes of course, in the event RCL cancels the sailing (its a hassle as RCL as to re-generate an already existent FCC which can take up to 30 days). whereas the weird thing is, if one makes any changes before final payment (assuming RCL doesn't scrap the sailing) - the existing FCC can be 'ported' from one booking to another without a waiting period. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I am 68 days away from cruise on Harmony of the Seas and the Cruise Planner will not allow me to make entertainment reservations. I heard from one call rep that they were changing the entertainment lineup so that was why I could not make reservations. Does anyone know whatโ€™s going on or when I should be able to make reservations for shows on the the ship?
  3. We have the ultimate dining package on the Symphony group cruise over thanksgiving. I know we have to make our reservations once weโ€™re on board, but was wondering if weโ€™d have better luck making the reservations with the Diamond lounge concierge or at one of the specialty restaurants. We made mock reservations in the cruise planner today and not many times available online.
  4. Which specialty dining places do you have to do reservations and which ones you don't, but just pay extra?
  5. Hi All! We were originally booked on FOTS in February 2017, but have had to rebook to March. Our TA is handling that as I write this, but I have a question about all of the reservations we've already made and paid for... We booked Chops Grille, a couple excursions, and the bottled water package. What happens to those? Will I just get a refund? I'm ok with having to make all the reservations again on the new cruise, but was curious how the existing reservations would be resolved. Thanks!
  6. I was just on CruiseCritic (which I HATE but had specific reasons for visiting) and noticed that there was a thread about entertainment reservations on the Liberty. Apparently they recently quit issuing reservations for ANY of the Liberty entertainment - theater shows, ice shows, etc. Has this occurred with any of the other bigger ships ? I know that there have never been (at least, as long as I have known) entertainment reservations for the smaller ships that have only the main theater shows...but I thought that all of the bigger ships had reservations for their entertainment shows.
  7. Why is it that I will go to check on availability of a cruise one day it will show the cruise as "sold out" and then I will go back later and there will be LOTS of rooms available - ANYthing but sold out ? That happened to me very recently. I was looking to see what was left unsold on my Christmas cruise on the Grandeur and it showed SOLD OUT in every stateroom category. Of course, that left me with the impression that the ship was, in fact, sold out. I went back and checked (as I do EVERY day) and suddenly there are rooms in EVERY category showing available. I'll bet there are over 100 cabins available on that cruise right now but last week it was showing SOLD OUT ! I find this completely confusing. So when is a cruise truly "Sold Out" ? Do travel agencies "reserve" a bunch of rooms and then release them back to the cruise line if they can't sell them ? ...and why would a TA do that when they cannot discount the cruise anyway ??
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