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Found 5 results

  1. So with the newest ship Odyssey of the Seas appearing soon, what do you think her entertainment will be? Specifically the headline show? Any guesses? Any wishes? Really making an effort to be in a positive mindset today, my teenager wants to go back to school! So sad, I think mama teacher ROCKS!! So can you help me? I would love to see a throwback like " Chorus Line" In addition I would love some great music (bands) maybe a Beatles or Eagles or Styx cover band, sort of like they do at Epcot Eat to the Beat. I'm up for ELO too! Maybe Dennis DeYoung appears, oh boy now I'm showing my age. Let's have fun, standing by.......
  2. We are booked in a Jr. Suite on the Odyssey of the seas for Thanksgiving 2020. I went ahead and purchased many things but then the 40% sale occurred. After reviewing the numbers and consultations with @Lovetocruise2002, I felt comfortable enough to bundle some things and purchase the Key which I felt was a better price then I have previously seen. So I cancelled and re-priced a great deal, huge dollar amount. Am I also looking at the 30 to 45 day turn around for my refunds? Thanks also to @Jaymac Radio, I purchased the water park passes for the three of us, quite comfortable I can tuck away somewhere thus staying with my family and not purchasing a cabana, as that price for this week is still super high. Be safe and stay healthy everyone!
  3. Hello friends! Anyone try the above destination for the day on this port stop? We will be in Curacao fingers crossed 11/24/20 if the ship is delivered on time and we sail. We have never visited this Island and will be there from 0800-2000. There are no day passes but we are considering just booking a room for the day, thoughts? Appreciate your input, be safe and stay healthy!
  4. I'm sure any week now we will get some information on odyssey of the Seas. I wonder how it will differ to Spectrum and the other 3 Quantum class ships? my big question as it seems to be going to Miami area, will they still have the seaplex? for me I think they should change it up and make it like a Navigator sports deck with slides and such like. Along with the new BBQ Concept and increase the main pool so its again like Navigator. No skypad aswell for me. Just my thoughts, I would be interested to see what others think, I know plans have already been finalised but I am growing very curious!
  5. So I am considering taking a transatlantic Cruise next year. I have narrowed it down to two ships (i have not decided which direction i will be going yet, but that does not matter for this question as both ships i have picked are going and coming). The two ships are Harmony and the Odyssey. So my question is, given that cost is almost identical, and that i like both destination options, which should i choose? Which would you go on? I want to consider the fact that over half of the trip will be sea days, so which ship has more activities and entertainment, or are both equal? Thank you for any advise.
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