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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sorry to say that I have not really followed the RCCL pricing and found opportunities to rebook at a lower price in the past (Despite my Diamond + status). I just have not watched the rates that closely and with all of the "Sales" that RCCL publishes(and subsequent arithmetic to compare), I have not really done it. Yesterday I actually had time and discovered that the new published rate/promotion was only ~$5 more per cabin and I would get an extra $50 in OBC. A win for me. I decided to call the reservation desk since my cruise is booked directly with Royal (and BTW is fully paid). The representative was nice and worked up the comparison and agreed the new price was ~$5 more per room so I elected to rebook. As a result of that action, the rate actually went up $11 per room. Not a big deal but I wanted to know why. The agent agreed the price is not the same as published on the site or for that matter, the rate he quoted me. He proceeded to discuss with another specialist and the answer surprised me. They indicated the taxes and fees were higher when I booked and that is why I need to pay more than everyone else who books now. I still need to pay those higher taxes & fees despite the published taxes & fees being lower. Again, this is still a better deal for me and not a big extra outlay so this is a little sour grapes (I apologize). However, my question is if this is normal and have others had this happen? D
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