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Found 7 results

  1. So with the news of high case counts in FL AZ AND TX on Thursday one really has to be realistic here in how this relates to cruising. What we essentially have is asymptomatic spread from people who don't know they are carriers. And one really also has to wonder like I've said before...if the three major players want to undertake a risk of a startup even in October then risk a case or two thereby blowing up for them and causing a ton of negative publicity. Which is why I'm now as a Canadian looking in at the cases. Will we really see a decline in cases by September or even October. We have a fraction of the cases here in Canada compared to the US. SO With marathons being cancelled, classes in some states being moved online and no at capacity fans at sporting events for the foreseeable future despite pro sports resuming technically in a month... (which is also up in the air at this point) and word that the Canada US land border will probably extent closure thru summer and into September realistically (double standard as the air border remains open etween us though most infrequent travelers do not know about this loophole)... its hard to fathom how any cruise lines would even undertake the risk. Cruise capital South Florida will continue to have cases and with cruise makers flying in from various states it's all realistically going to probably be an additional global suspension. A travel agent source I called to inquire about booking some additional cabins for guests to come with me on the MARINER sailing in Nov (apparently TA's get group rates at a better discount) advised it's best to hold off booking anything with a departure date before APR 2021. So at this point as a realistic Canadian looking at this... I'm leaning towards the big three players not starting up or at least willing to take the risks to go out to sea in this climate. What do others think? And even then I'm sure the same goes for the US guests as well... all travel insurance carriers will not insure for anything related to covid as part of the medical premium. Its classified as a known event. I'd be very surprised if my mid NOV MARINER goes ahead. Much less the impending second wave which technically already seems to be working it's way across the south.
  2. So I thought I'd vent a bit about the experience I had with HAL here. I normally book RCL by default but my first time with HAL supposed to be this year has been anything but pleasant. Five cancelled cruises, while dealing with FCC's and Refunds also. They have a similar Lift & Shift policy like RCL does and I was advised I could easily transfer my Alaska sailing to 2021 around the same time with a one week difference to be price protected with all promotions I had this year. Secondly, I opted for an FCC with HAL for the May sailing (while opting for refunds of the other four) and it was issued after a 2 month wait and I am still waiting on taxes on the May sailing. So I decide to make a booking for 2021 today and guess what, everything went 180. The HAL equivalent of a Lift & Shift does not apply to all sailings, only certain premium rates not the regular fares - so I guess their personal vacation planner was misinformed as were their front line sales agents. Fair enough I will let this one slide as the policies change and everyone has to be up to date. Then I was told my FCC issued for the cancelled May sailing was about $500 extra incorrect based on an accounting team mistake - which I don't see why I should have to be responsible for considering I had followed up when they were first issued and was assured the Math was correct by three seperate agents. This is where I start to get frustrated because the FCC amount was completely inflated and HAL reassuring it was correct on three separate occasions... until when it came time to apply them to booking today. And to cap it all off, my taxes are not refundable by HAL at almost $800 as I apparently forfeited them when opting for an FCC and for all the May sailings apparently due to some internal AL accounting issue, tax amounts were rolled into FCC's and could no longer be dispersed. So basically I lose what I paid in taxes which were rolled into the FCC, and then the FCC was incorrectly inflated by $500 so I forfeit the FCC by $500 / each for myself and my partner, and then I can't price protect my sailing this year to next using their equivalent of a Lift & Shift. So wow, I was fuming - to be told everything was right until I start making a booking with the call center then a 180 on all three of the above aspects. This is why I prefer a family friendly line like RCL, HAL is more mature and has a more mature crowd and I didn't expect this level of service from them with five cancelled bookings this year due to the global pause.
  3. I'd be more leaning towards a November start date in all likelihood as we all know Sept 15 is a moving target. October might be hit and miss depending how things go. Both NCL and CCL while set for Oct 1 are non committed either. And with cases spiking in southern florida I'd be surprised if anything resumed promptly on Sept 15. Even if HYPOTHETICALLY they resumed Sept 15 it obviously would be a phased start meaning there'd be more inevitable cancellations down the road by late summer for ships that are not part of this phased start. So there WILL be more cancellations I'm assuming by August though unsure if it will be fleet wide or certain ships. I myself am on MARINER in mid November. so its not a matter of if but WHEN RCL will announce its next set of cancellations whether it be fleet wide or due to a phased restart. Probably by early August I hope.
  4. So my booking company says that I am getting $500 onboard cash or spending credit. I also just applied for the Royal Caribbean Visa card which will get me up to $175 onboard cash. How does that work? Are they notified by the travel or credit company that I have these? Or do I have to bring a voucher, or apply for them on boarding? How do I spend them? As I go along or when I take care of the final bill before leaving?
  5. Hello All, I'm a first time RC cruiser, when I booked our cruise last January (2016) I was told we could use our $200 on board credit towards the drink packages for our Oasis of the Seas cruise. After paying for the cruise and speaking with customer service, they told me they can't apply it but I can buy the drink package once I board the ship with my credits? Has anyone else ever dealt with this? I was also told by my booking agent that I could purchase liquor at the duty free shop and immediately take it back to my cabin, and the posts on this blog seem to argue otherwise. So I'm quite confused what on earth is right because I feel like the booking agents tell you one thing then the customer service agents say the opposite. Can a recent cruiser clarify any of this for me? Thanks in advance!
  6. We own quite a bit of Royal Caribbean Ltd stock and have never utilized the shareholders credit while cruising on Royal Caribbean, so this next, upcoming, cruise we decided to use it. You have to jump through a number of hoops but we thought let's do it see if it works. If you own 100 or more shares of stock they give you $100 of on board credit. We copied our stock, filled out the forms, and submitted them expecting to have some on-board credit. What we got was a letter stating that we already have used advertized available discounts, and that the stock $100 credit was not combine-able with anything else. Why have the credit out there if you can't ever use it? Has anyone else had this experience or been able to use the stock option $100 credit?
  7. Hi! I'm sailing with Enchantment of the Seas in March with a group of 72 other people. I organized the group, have everyone paid and ready to go and was just told i get a $1020 credit. I need suggestions on what to do with my credit. I was thinking upgrading my room, but I don't know how simple that is. Also purchasing myself a drink package...but I also want to be fair to the rest of the group. Suggestions?? Cheers!
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