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Found 9 results

  1. Going on Oasis of the Seas next July, and I was wondering if the shop on board sells different model ships, not just the one you are on. For example, if you are on board Mariner of the Seas, could you buy a scale model of Liberty of the Seas, or would you have to go on that ship to get that model? I would really like to get a couple of different models on board.
  2. As well as Caribbean, also pricing up Japan cruises with Royal Caribbean. There’s two cruises that we looked up, both going to 3 ports. One is on the Quantum from Shanghai, and the other is on the Ovation from Tianjin. Which ship is better? Is there a difference? Does one have something the other one doesn’t? Thanks in advance.
  3. Does any of the Vision class ships have; 1) Diamond lounge?, 2) Concierge?
  4. We were just informed (with no explanation) that the Vision of the Seas repositioning cruise from Cape Liberty to Galveston, departing Oct 23, 2017 will no longer stop in Labadee. We will visit Bermuda instead. Seems like a win, although it would have been nice to see Labadee since we have never been there before. Any thoughts on why this change would have been made or if it's a good thing? Here's our new itinerary: Cape Liberty Cruising King's Wharf Bermuda Cruising Cruising Bonaire Curacao Aruba Cruising Grand Cayman Cozumel Costa Maya Progreso (Yucatan) Cruising Galveston Pretty good itinerary.
  5. Vision of the Seas – 7 Night Arabian Sea cruise from Dubai Day 1 – Embarkation Day We left Glasgow at 8:50 pm on Sunday, 5 February on our way to Dubai on Emirates Airways. The flight was an overnighter so was uneventful. We were due to land at 8:05 am. The plane landed at about 7:40, which the pilot sounded so proud of, until we heard that in order to land so early we had to land on a runway on the other side of the airport from where we needed to be, which took about 30 minutes of taxiing. The result, we got there right on time. The walk from the plane to baggage claim was ridiculously long. Seemed like we walked for 30 minutes to get there. Passport control was slow also. There were two agents to service the 400 or so passengers that got off that plane. I must say at this point that nothing up to now was any reflection on Royal Caribbean. Once we got our baggage we went to the lobby where we found someone with a RCCL sign. She pointed us to the far end of the lobby to join a long line of people. We made it through that line to check in with someone who gave us a piece of paper and a number and then put us into another line. Still not out of the airport. Apparently, the busses weren’t there yet. The piece of paper gave a rundown of the process of check-in that we would be going through. In a nutshell: The busses will take us to a hotel, where we will do our check-in and then we will have a buffet breakfast. Busses will then take us to the cruise port to meet the ship. RCCL Dubai Welcome Letter.pdf We were on-board a bus at 9:45 to go to the hotel where we found a row of tables where we could check in. Something about the immigration policies in the UAE require them to hold all passports so be prepared to exchange yours for your Sea Pass card. Breakfast was standard buffet food, but not quite as good as the windjammer. Tolerable though. Busses were loaded and we headed to the port at 10:45. The ride to the port was about 30 minutes. Once at the port, it was a matter of going through security and walking right on-board. If you wonder when you get your passports back, we were given the schedule for that as well. RCCL Immigration Information.pdf If you have followed my previous posts about this cruise, you will know that I paid for the Deluxe drink package on the Cruise Planner page of RCCL website. The price that I paid was about USD $55.00. That price was the same price from the date that I booked the cruise until I bought it. No sale was ever offered. Everyone has said, and I had believed that it is cheaper to buy it before the cruise so I didn’t take any chances and I bought it before we sailed. Once on-board, I noticed that they were selling the drink packages for the same price. No difference in prices. Drink Packages Onboard.pdf Drink prices on-board, at various venues can be seen in the following documents. No drink card was ever offered on this cruise, although the Cruise Planner had a coffee card available that was not available on-board. Lattetudes Menu.pdf Pool Bar Beer Special.pdf Pool Bar Menu.pdf R Bar Menu.pdf Windjammer Drink Menu Once we got to our stateroom at 1:00 I found our soda cups waiting on our bed with a statement of what was included with the drink package. Beverage Package Receipt.pdf Also a listing of Platinum benefits Platinum Benefits.pdf We just spent the rest of the day exploring the ship, drinking drinks, and relaxing. Dinner was in the Main Dining Room. We had a table of 6. One couple (Stuart & Barbera) were quite old (I think he was 86). A Yorkshire man who was a veteran of the Korean war as well as the Viet Nam war. He was a test pilot in the RAF. Every story seemed to relate to one of these wars or just his service in general. The other couple was a bit younger (Richard & Sheila). He was a retired police Officer from the London area. All in all, the group was well mixed and we had a good time with them, but I certainly felt young at 53. Our servers were Jose, from the Philippines and Lilia, from Croatia. They took very good care of us throughout the cruise. I think the day would not be complete without the drink counts: Coffee = 3; Wine = 3; Beer = 1; Cocktails = 4; Mixed Drinks = 4; Bottled Water = 2 – Which put us about USD $20pp over what we spent. Getting our money’s worth. Can we keep it up? Keep reading to find out. Cruise Compass - Boarding Day Edition
  6. Hello, I am new to the forums and this is my first post. I'm really happy to have found this group and all the information! I recently booked a 5 night Holiday sailing out of Galveston on the Vision of the Seas. It will be the first cruise for the 5 in our family ( myself, husband and 3 teenagers). I'm concerned because of the mixed reviews I'm seeing on this ship. I chose this sailing because of the port and sail date and because no one in my family has interest in the really huge ships.(strange I know) The main activity everyone seems to be interested in is seeing mayan ruins, and to have a nice family vacation. Im hoping for some input on my choice from experienced RC cruisers! Also, we will be in port New Years Eve and New Years day. Will any tours be running on those days? Thanks for All! Katie
  7. Need a sounding board hear and some feedback especially after my wife stated that the Freedom-class (Liberty) is her favorite ship so far. She really liked the features and the Royal Promenade. As a result, we booked a back-to-back on the Independence of the Seas for Summer 2017 out of Southampton with stops in Stavanger, Norway, Oslo, Norway (Overnight), Copenhagen, Denmakr, and Skagen, Denmark, followed by Brussels, Oslo, Hamburg, Le Havre. This amounts to 5 sea days in 16 nights, something my wife is not a fan of in general. Now, the Vision is offering a 12 night British Isles cruise with the following ports and 3 sea days: Bruges (Belgium), Edinburgh (overnight), Loch Ness, Glasgow, Dublin, Cork, and St. Peter Port. On a per night basis, the cruises are about the same, but we'd be in a panoramic ocean view on the Vision as opposed to an inside on the Independence. However, the Inde is the better ship in my opinion. The other big difference is that the Vision leaves from Amsterdam, some place I've never visited, as opposed to England. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hello All, I will be on Allure of the Seas in February and I am very excited. I am calling it the Superbowl Cruise since it is during the Superbowl! Anyhow, for those of you who have been on Allure before, can you tell me how the food at the Windjammer is onboard? I have heard that the Windjammer on Allure is not that good. I cruised on Vision of the Seas this past May and I thought the Windjammer was pretty good... Hit and miss but overall good. Also, what speciality restaurants are not to be missed? We stuck to the main dining room and Windjammer on Vision and would like to branch out more this time. Thanks in advance!
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