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Found 2 results

  1. I have recently found out (maybe i'm tooo slow) that there are vending machine-like dispensers for wine in Vintages! Simply tap or swipe your SeaPass card on the dispensers and they will dispense the wine accordingly and in various volume like 2 oz or 5 oz. 2 oz is usually for wine tasting and 5 oz is usually for a full glass. The prices are usually like $6.00 for 2oz and $13.00 for 5oz, something like that. As we know Deluxe Beverage Package (DBP) covers drinks up to $12.00, are we allowed to utilize our package and dispense the same wine twice ($6.00 x 2) to get somewhat a full glass of wine instead of choosing the 5oz option and pay for that extra $1.00? Or they will not even allow you dispense the 2oz option and force you to get the 5oz option since you have the DBP and they know it is a way for you to get around and avoid paying the extra $1.00 for the $13.00 wine. I've seen 5oz wine selling for $15.00 to $20++ but the 2oz options are usually still within the $12.00 limit. Anyone has experience on this? Thanks!
  2. Just found this while searching for an example full wine list at Vintages. It's a good use of technology, not sure how long ago they released this video as there's no date I could find on the page, also not sure if / when this is being rolled out to the rest of the fleet. Should be an easy thing to apply fleet-wide as it doesn't require anything more than getting the iPads and iPod Touches and installing the apps / integrating to the ship's SeaPass card system. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/video/182/savvy-sommelier-digital-menus-at-vintages/ You can now order wines via iPad, and the order is transmitted to iPod Touch units carried by the wine tenders. It will recommend wines based on your existing tastes, and everything is displayed in a much wider selection of languages than RCI could manage with printed menus. And if you order in, say, German, that order shows up translated to the English equivalent on the wine tender's iPod Touch (or, I'd assume, whatever language that person set as their preference). Apologies if this was actually posted a while back. Searched this forum before posting, didn't find anything.
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