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Found 7 results

  1. At the end of your sailing are you given gratuity envelopes or something of that nature? We may leave the auto-gratuity so even the "others" receive the monies (thanks so much for the previous breakdowns) but most likely will then recognize the superior service at the end in cash, should I bring individual envelopes? Thank you so much for your input.
  2. Do you guys do anything different or pack anything interesting for a holiday cruise, whether it be for Xmas, New Years, Halloween, etc.? Let me know! I plan on doing a xmas cruise at the end of this year myself. I imagine there will be more kids on this cruise. Maybe i'll hide some xmas treats/toys throughout the cruise for kids to find. I just joined one of those hide a duck cruising groups on facebook, so thought that would be cute.
  3. Hello friends! Anyone try the above destination for the day on this port stop? We will be in Curacao fingers crossed 11/24/20 if the ship is delivered on time and we sail. We have never visited this Island and will be there from 0800-2000. There are no day passes but we are considering just booking a room for the day, thoughts? Appreciate your input, be safe and stay healthy!
  4. So I debated starting this, but I'm sitting in my hotel room in Miami, it's 10:45pm and I can't sleep. Why?? BECAUSE TOMORROW IS CRUISE DAY!!!! And here we go...I will try to keep this going as I'm spending the next 7 nights on Oasis of the Seas for my 2nd Thanksgiving in a row at sea. I managed to snag surf & stream VOOM for $11.99/day which I thought was reasonable enough, so I will be connected on the ship. Sprint also has cell service at the ports (Labadee, San Juan, St. Thomas) which is included in my cell phone plan, so I won't be forced to disconnect at all. That means I can talk about, read about, and write about cruise stuff while I'm doing cruise stuff!!! Last year I spent Thanksgiving on Symphony of the Seas (which also left from Miami) as part of the Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise. It was my first group cruise and I got to meet so many awesome folks from the different social media channels involved with the group. I also spent that cruise in a category A1 room (Spacious 2-BR AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony) which was absolutely my favorite cabin I've ever been in. Symphony was also my first Oasis class ship. It was Star Class and then combined with it also being the group cruise I felt like every single moment of that cruise was scheduled for me. This time around I feel like I'm slumming it in an oceanview balcony room. But I paid a pretty awesome price for it as a solo cruiser as they weren't charging the solo supplement. I originally had a CP double balcony room (cabin numbers ending in 229 and 629) but the price dropped so much after final payment (we're talking as low as $650 all-in solo with Diamond discount and FL resident discount) that the oceanview balconies ended up being cheaper than I had paid. My terrific MEI travel agent said they wouldn't give me any money back but she got me moved into an oceanview balcony at no extra cost, cabin 8594. So that means I'm by myself in the room, I get double points, and I get to make my own schedule, right? WRONG...my mother decided to invite herself along. Of course she's also after the extra points, so she went and booked her own cabin so I will have a little bit of space and solo-ness still.
  5. I am writing to you from the Rhapsody of the Seas and we are currently on our 4th day. Sorry for the delay. I am currently traveling with three people and two of us are in one stateroom and two of us are traveling with The Key. Embarkation Day: Embarkation was a bit of a mess. The Key members were given a priority boarding and our group decided to split up between Key and non-Key. There were not many agents helping Key members and we were waiting so long that the non-Key member of our group was through the check-in process about the same time. The check-in process took forever and I got onboard with a headache and took the longest nap once in my stateroom. The Ship: I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about people’s gripes with Rhapsody. I think I had to change my mindset prior to boarding and I reminded myself that this is not an Oasis Class ship. Once I was in the right frame of mind, I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve found. The ship has an intimate feeling to it and I regularly run into the same people. The ship is clean and the staff have been great. It may be a little dated in some areas, but this hasn’t interfered with my ability to enjoy all she has to offer. As Matt once said, there are no bad Royal Caribbean ships. The Food: The food is okay. There has been one dinner in the MDR that I couldn’t finish because it was so bland, but everything else has been adequate. The buffet food is plentiful and there is decent variety to please most palettes. Nothing has really blown us away, but I’m satisfied with what the majority of food we’ve had thus far. The Activities: Rhapsody doesn’t have as many activities as the bigger ships, but we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy. We’ve been to one show, we’ve taken advantage of the trivia nights and I personally have caught up on my sleep. It’s been 9 years since our last Caribbean cruise and I was surprised that Royal charges for their galley tour, which used to be free. I can’t comment on activities for children, but imagine that there isn’t a lot for teenagers to do. Tendering: Key members are supposed to get priority boarding on the tenders, but honestly we didn’t need it. We got to Grand Cayman early in the morning and there was no difficulty getting off the ship. The staff offered to let Key members cut the line at a non-tender port, but we didn’t feel the need to do it. Staterooms: The staterooms are satisfactory and clean. I’ve taken everybody’s advice and have brought my magnets and am using a multi-USB hub to charge multiple devices. The Shows: Saw Piano Man and thought it felt like a high school production. The magician last night was more entertaining. Overall, both were okay. The Internet: The Surf & Stream is generally good so far. There have been a few moments when it has been a little slow, but it’s not terrible. I have been able to stream Netflix and shows from my ITunes account. Coffee Card: The regular coffee onboard isn’t much to write home about. I pre-purchased the coffee card and I am satisfied with the overall value. The staff on Rhapsody have been generous with their “punches.” I ordered a double shot of espresso this afternoon and it was only one punch. We are having a great time here on Rhapsody and have no big complaints so far. Please let me know if there are any questions out there.
  6. The TA our group is using explains that our Thanksgiving cruise is pretty much booked solid, albeit I ghost booked on line and that does not seem to be the case. Does anyone know how many Royal Up offers are sent out? Why when clearly the suites seem to be all accounted for? Does everyone sailing receive this? I received 4 different staterooms (we are in an OS) they sent a Royal Suite, 2 & 1 bedroom Aqua as well as the CL but my current OS was more money at booking then the CL so there is no way I am bidding additional monies for it. My mindset was we have Sky benefits so I only bid on the Star suites. Royal Caribbean is magical, making me excited to want to "win" the opportunity to pay more money, why am I so giddy? (as an aside, my husband of 30 years, ah not so much! "What, you want to pay more?? ) Taheeheeehee, the man is a SAINT. As always thank you for your insight and feedback
  7. @Matt & whomever else would be so kind to input please? I am interested in the automatic gratuity breakdown. I will pay 17.50 per day per person, how is that broken down? Head Server, Server, Assistant Server, Stateroom Host? I also surmise this is collected and shared with the "back of the ship" but this is a Thanksgiving (Holiday) sailing & believe cash would be a nicer option. When I dine landside even when using a credit card I always leave a cash gratuity and have been told time and time again the servers prefer this. I have no problem adding cash at the end to the automatic charge like other posters have offered, but I like to know the specifics. I appreciate your knowledge, thank you!
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