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Found 13 results

  1. Having had, and been grossly disappointed by, the fried chicken served in the MDR, can anyone tell me whether the chicken from Mason Jar is different?
  2. I was just on symphony and EVERY restaurant was available in the cruise planner. Now we are going on Harmony in april and ONLY Wonderland and Izumi come up to book. What cant we book 150, Sabor etc???
  3. If, during dry dock, RCCL decides to replace Samba with another specialty restaurant, what would you like to see? Hooked would be nice since they closed Rita's Crabshack.
  4. I haven't seen much comment on these message boards regarding Samba. We have the Ultimate Dining package for our July Radiance sailing. What are your impressions if you've dined at this specialty dining restaurant?
  5. I've just spotted on another post someone referring to taking 'dessert to go' when dining at Chops/Giovanni's Table. When we were on Navigator for our first cruise, we dined at Chops and it was amazing! However, we were so full that I ordered the Red Velvet Cake and just had a couple of bites of it - in the name of research ? My husband refused to order one and so I didn't get to even try his! We're looking forward to our upcoming cruise on the newly-refurbed IOS and will definitely dine at Chops again. If we are again too full for dessert, should we/can we ask for dessert to go?
  6. I'll be on the Allure in a few weeks for a 7-night cruise and I've booked the 4-night specialty dining package and plan on using the MDR for the remaining three nights. I understand that this arrangement doesn't really let me pre-book the nights and restaurants via cruise planner and Royal's going to auto-assign the Specialty Restaurants for me and I'll find out once I board. I want to go over the selections and make any adjustments I'd like pretty much the moment I set foot on the ship so it's all sorted before the masses arrive. Where do I go to get this changed? Head waiter of the MDR, or should I book it over to a specialty? I'd really like to set up reservations for all 7 nights to lock them in so if there's one stop I can make to take care of it all, that would be ideal.
  7. Maybe someone has already started another thread. If so, just merge this one into the existing one, please. I have been reading on CC that for all specialty dining reservations made on the ship, they are now charging an 18% grat on top of the cost of the meal. So far, at least, it seems to be only for reservations made on the ship and does not apply to dining packages pre-purchased, but if this is the new "rule" I would expect that to change soon. It is my understanding that the gratuity has always existed, but that it was being included in the overall charge for the meal. Now it is being added on TOP of the existing cost. This doesn't surprise me in the least and I have been expecting it but it is still just another step on the path headed in the wrong direction, IMO. I find the price of specialty restaurants to be exorbitant already and this just makes the insane.
  8. Thinking about doing the BOGO specialty dining package. Is it the first two nights? I'm on Adventure--so it will be Chops and Giovannis, correct? Is there any disadvantage to doing this? Thank you!
  9. Just booked Sabor through the online cruise planner as a Birthday present for my step-dad on our upcoming cruise. So I've paid the cover charge for each of us but the pricing is a la carte on the sample menu so my question is - What/how much are we allowed to eat? TIA
  10. I'm having a scheduling conflict. Only one way to solve it. I want to book a dining package and I want to book Chef's Table. My wife wants to make an appearance in the MDR on the first night and do CT on the second night. With this, the dining package wont work. UNLESS. . . Can Chef's Table be used as one of the restaurants in the dining package?
  11. Trying to book Chefs Table for our September sailing on Harmony of the seas. It does not appear in our cruise planner, when we called Royal they told us that 150 Central Park with the wine paring was the same event. In the Media releases it shows chefs table in chops, and Im sure this is a case of the sales people not seeing the product on there options. My question was does anyone know if they are actually doing Chefs table on Harmony, and have you been able to pre book it online? Might be too early to book, just hate to have it fill up before we get on board. Thanks for any insight
  12. Just thought I would let anyone know who is interested or has Empress of the Seas booked, that Chops has been released on cruise planner as available to book finally! Still no beverage packages, and shore excursions are still all screwed up, but hey it's a start haha! :P Cant wait for that bacon appetizer... Yummmmmm
  13. Heading off on the Brilliance next month for a 12 night Norwegian Fjords/Iceland cruise. While I've already precooked my specialty dinning, I'm reconsidering and thinking of cancelling. Your advice? At first, I thought there'd be more demand given that the MDR can get a bit tiring with similar offerings from night to night. Then, reality set in and I realized that with 5 extra nights and the same number of guests, supply will likely be greater than the demand. I've also started reading trip reports of various specials and packages being offered, including on the recent podcast episode where kids ate free. Thanks in advance for your advice!
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