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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, once again thanks for all all the help, 14 days to go!! My wife was wondering if the prices on the planner for the spa are the same as on board or if the on board prices are dynamic and she might get it cheaper if we wait? Not my thing but she wants the hot stone massage but at £80 for 50 mins it’s a lot of money! Thanks again ? Nikkoo
  2. I wonder as I look through my calendar for this Sunday's cruise if I should consider tipping for things like freebies in the spa. They do mini facials and things and have champagne on offer (yay!), do you tip for events like these? Thanks!
  3. Did Voyager loose the steam rooms and sauna as well as the big hot tub in the Vitality Spa after her amplification?
  4. Hi all, my wife and I are boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September and she's curious how the spa services are run currently. Is the spa open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated cruisers? Are masks fully required for both employees and customers inside the spa and while during services? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I am looking for review about the spa on Majesty of the Seas. I am looking into booking a Swedish massage, but haven't seen many reviews about the services on this ship.
  6. Does anyone have details about the spa on Majesty of the Seas. Looking for menu prices, package options, and reviews of services.
  7. I would like to schedule spa service for 8:00 PM, however we have the Ultimate Dining Package with a time span of 6:30pm to 8:30pm. When I attempt to book the spa service in the Cruise Planner, it tells me that there is a scheduling conflict. Can I go ahead and schedule the spa service or will it cancel our entire Ultimate Dining Package?
  8. Does the spa on Grandeur have smoothies? I heard Allure had this when I sailed in April and we could have used the Refreshment package to get them. But I didn't think of that during that trip. So I'm wondering if this just exists on larger ships.
  9. I've searched and can't seem to find any info. . . I understand that Harmony has a teen SPA for those 13-17, but wondering if Freedom offers that also? My son will be 17 and our cruise is his graduation present, and he is BEGGING for a deep tissue massage (athlete of course. . LOL!). Wondering if it's offered or if I could get for a 17 year old? Also, are there Mommy and Me services? I seen on other ships (Disney obviously!) Mommy and me mani/pedis, etc. Just something fun to do with my 10 year old for a girls pampering. Any one have any info or experience I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks!
  10. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  11. Hey All, looking into booking a massage on Harmony in July. Can anyone tell me what they've paid if booked on board? I'm trying to get a general idea. I've checked the website $89-$129 + 18%. Just wondering if I should book ahead of time or are the specials onboard decent. Every time I try for costs $129 + 18% which means about $150 and change. I'll take any advice, even if you've never used the spa on Harmony. Thanks in advance!
  12. I was speaking with a Crown & Anchor Rep earlier this morning (C&A points were wrong). At the end of our chat he said he wanted to remind me of a new perk for D+ that was just added this month. D+ now includes a free spa treatment ! Apparently this excludes Medi Spa so I'm not sure what it does include but, hey ! I had not heard anything about this anywhere before this morning. I asked if this new perk is permanent - yes. I asked if this new perk applies to all D+ in the cabin, even if both are D+ - yes. It's so nice to have a new perk. It's been a while !
  13. We are sailing on 11/19 on the Liberty out of Galveston and I have been attempting to schedule salon service for one of the formal nights, but it has not shown up in my cruise planner as an option. Men's services are in there, but nothing for women. Is this because they are booked up or maybe booking before departure isn't an option? I am planning on going to to the salon on embarkation day to see if I can book an appointment, but wanted to get it scheduled/paid for ahead of time.
  14. I received some promos when I booked my cruise on Allure such as free spa treatment, specialty dinner, family time at the rock wall, etc. Do those need to be booked in advance or do I take care of it one I arrive? Does anyone know the restrictions on the free spa treatments and specialty dinner options?
  15. I wanted to let you all know that I discovered that Royal is offering 30% off spa services prebooked through the Cruise Planner. This just popped up for my January Allure cruise and shows up just like the one that appears for Voom and the previous sale on the drink packages. Thus, if you're into spa services, this might be a good way to save some money by prebooking now.
  16. I just saw this for my September cruise on Oasis OTS. Trying to decide if my wife is worth it. Bob
  17. Hi there! I recently cruised on Disney, where their spa had a "Rainforest" area that you could purchase an all-day (or all-cruise) pass for. There was a steam room, heated lounge chairs, etc. Is this something that they have in the Vitality Spa?
  18. Hey Guys! Going on Explorer in December and I was hoping somebody can tell me if there is a thermal suite onboard or not? I LOVE the heated beds! Thanks! Luke
  19. Hi all! My BFF and I are going on the Liberty of the Seas cruise in August and I'm debating on whether or not to purchase a spa experience. I love going to the spa but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars. My mentaility when I go on a vacation is this, I like to do things I cannot do at home. I was looking at the Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow. It looks fantastic and you get a lot for your money; a full body scrub and a ful body massage for $200. It sounds good but is it worth it? I saw that two o the spas in my hometown have sea salt scrubs for $100 without the massage. What do you think? Thanks! God bless!!!!
  20. Was wondering your alls experience with royals spa treatments and when you find is the best time to snatch up a spa treatment. Weither it be a masage or acupuncture or whatever the case may be. When before, during or towards the end of the cruise to find the best deals available for whatever spa treatment you want. Thinking about getting something special for my wife when we cruise next month and want the best deal for it.
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