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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Super excited to cruise this part of the world Asia Anyone out there been to Indonesia - cruise port for Lombok,and Benoa, Bali Indonesia ship not showing any tours yet?
  2. Curious if anyone has insight into potential issues between Royal Caribbean and San Juan, PR. For about a decade, Voyager or Freedom class ships departed out of San Juan for 7-night cruises with alternating routes. Now, the ship has been downsized to Radiance class sailing one route for March 2024 (nothing posted for April 2024 yet). Not only that, no ships are showing PR as a port of call. This leads me to believe there are issues behind the scenes but it’s disappointing since San Juan is our favorite place to depart for a Caribbean cruise.
  3. Hello, I am searching for the Oasis of the seas and Voyager of the seas ship models. If anyone has any of these or are planning to go on board these ships please get in contact with me as I am willing to pay for the model, and cover shipping while paying you a little extra. I've been searching for these since I didn't pick them up upon my previous voyages, thank you.
  4. Going on Oasis of the Seas next July, and I was wondering if the shop on board sells different model ships, not just the one you are on. For example, if you are on board Mariner of the Seas, could you buy a scale model of Liberty of the Seas, or would you have to go on that ship to get that model? I would really like to get a couple of different models on board.
  5. Hi, i collect ship models from all of the ships that I have been on but I am desperately chasing the ovation of the seas ship model! I was unable to get it on my cruise so really hoping that someone who is booked on an upcoming cruise can grab one for me! I’ll pay for postage as well of course ? let me know if you can help! forgot to mention - I’m in Brisbane, Australia so would need to be posted to here unless local. Thanks again ?
  6. Does anyone know of the Ships will televised the World Cup?? I just check the schedule and the semi-finals will be the week that I am on the Explorer. I am in complete panic mode and haven't event told my hubby yet!!!
  7. If you have just been on a cruise welcome back. How about giving us a brief view of the ship you were on and where you visited. Don't forget to leave a full review in Matts cruise reviews tab at the top of the page.
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