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Found 2 results

  1. I originally set out to make this video as a memory for my wife and I, but I know that we always enjoy watching videos before we visit a new port so I wanted to pay it forward in a way. This is my only video currently, but feel free to subscribe to my channel and I will be posting more videos with improved picture quality and editing in the future that will detail various travel related experiences. Many will be cruise related and if they relate to Royal Caribbean I will share them on here. I am currently working on one for Doctor's Cave Beach in Jamaica from this same cruise. This was our third time to visit Cozumel together. On our last two cruises we took a cab downtown to explore on one and did an all-inclusive beach day on the other. This time we wanted to try something that we had never done before. We decided to rent some scooters and explore the East side of island and then head downtown to eat afterwards. It was an awesome way to spend a day in Cozumel. The ride along the coast alone was well worth the cost of the scooter. The scooters were $55 to rent for the day including full insurance coverage. It was also $7 for them to refill the gas for you, but you could fill it up yourself if you wanted. Your cost may vary depending on what kind of deal you can get. As you know, everything is negotiable in Cozumel. They also had Jeeps available for rent but they were more expensive. A cab ride out to the East side is also very affordable, but I think the scooters are what made it really memorable. It was also great to be able to explore downtown or anywhere else on the island without having to worry about tracking down, waiting, or paying for a cab. MAKE SURE that you take a video or photos of the scooter before you leave because they did try to say there was extra damage on our friend's scooter, but the video cleared that up. I have heard this is a common scam in many ports that offer rentals of any kind. I owe the RC blog a thank you for that because I'm fairly sure that's where I heard about the scam in reference to jet skis. Rasta Bar had very affordable food and beer and it practically felt like being on a private beach. For reference, Rasta Bar is a few miles past Mr. Sancho's and Paradise Beach after the road begins to curve left nearing the East side of the island. I really can't say enough about how beautiful it was. The beers were $3 and the menu items ranged between $5-$15 depending on what you ordered. We weren’t that hungry at the time so we only had some guacamole and a few beers, but the food looked good. We hadn’t even planned on stopping there but the place was so cool we ended up staying for most of the day. Had we come prepared with towels and sandals we may have stayed all day. You can find more information on Rasta Bar on Trip Advisor where they have a very solid rating. We ate downtown at the Thirsty Cougar. A few years ago we had a waiter on Navigator that was from Cozumel and he recommended it to us. Ever since then it’s kind of been our go to spot to eat and have drinks. It’s in the touristy section of downtown across from the other cruise port, but this place is not a gimmicky tourist trap. They are frequently rated in the top 10 restaurants in Cozumel on Trip Advisor and currently sit at #11. We always share the nachos and they are incredible. They’re so big there’s no need for us to get anything else. Our friends tried the ceviche and the fish tacos and they both said they were really good. The Thirsty Cougar is also known for their massive frozen margaritas and their large selection of unique flavors. Every time we have been we have had ridiculously good service as well. I highly recommend this place even if it's just to stop and grab drinks and appetizers. Whatever you decide to do in Cozumel, you really can’t go wrong. But if you’re looking for something to try I highly recommend exploring the island on your own. This is our favorite cruise port and it was really cool to get to explore it freely with our own transportation.
  2. Has anyone rented a scooter on Key West? How is traffic and street condition? What scooter rental company did you us? Thanks!
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