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Found 6 results

  1. We are sailing on Liberty of the Seas Oct 19-25 2024 and have 8 GTY Interior staterooms booked ($700 savings on each stateroom for GTY). We booked on Feb 9, 2024 and within 10 days had all the staterooms assigned, 240+ days out! Is this the earliest you've ever seen a room assignment? Also, we just booked 2 GTY Balcony Staterooms for a 12 Night Sailing on Odyssey of the Seas for Jan 2026. That cruise was 699 days out when we booked. I wonder what the chances are of us getting a room assigned are within the next few weeks or months.
  2. Hello Fellow Cruise Lovers out there. My wife and I went on a vacation of a lifetime and got a spectacular rate on the Liberty of the Seas Royal Suite #1640. Since we were with a group of our friends, we decided to go all around the ship and in our cabin and shot a music video. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about the experience or anything Royal Suite, I am happy to answer them. Cheers! YOLObookIT
  3. I have been hearing lots of rumors and speculation about this, but wanted to know what you have heard. What are your opinions about which ship will prospectively replace Anthem of the Seas in Bayonne, NJ when she sails to the UK in 2020?
  4. I thought I would provide a post-cruise recap for those who are curious about experiences with both Disney (DCL) and Royal Caribbean (RCI). We sailed on DCL three times (Fantasy 2013, Wonder 2015, Dream 2016) and our Oasis of the Seas Christmas 2017 cruise was our first on RCI. Here is a quick, high-level comparison between DCL and RCI based upon on our experiences. Of course, this is only our experience and others may vary ? Websites - Overall: DCL is much better RCI's site is notorious for being glitchy; they need some work in their IT department :). That being said, I always had excellent service when I called to follow up on anything that I did online (because I didn't trust that my changes online had been captured correctly) Embarkation process - Overall: RCI slightly better Both were comparable with regards to luggage drop off, parking and security. Both have online check in options which save a ton of time and effort at the port. {Sidebar for my fellow US Citizens: Please take the advice that so many have shared here before: bite the bullet and get a passport for you and your kids. It will make your life so much easier and safer in the event you need it in a foreign location situation. It makes check in simpler as well, as you don't have to carry multiple pieces of information. Times have changed, doesn't matter what the cruise line websites say, everyone should have a passport. End sidebar} On each trip with DCL we had some long lines and waits before we boarded. On RCI (Terminal 1, Port Canaveral) once through the quick security stop around 10:30AM, we went up the escalator, turned left and a quick right, and walked up to an empty queue with about 30 agents waiting to assist us! Because we had passports and all online check in completed, printed and signed, we had our Sea Pass cards in about 7 minutes and headed to the chairs to wait. They began calling for all the specialty boarding around 11AM (all Crown and Anchor levels, special assistance, etc.) and our boarding group (3) was called to board by 11:30. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Dining food variety and quality - Overall: Slightly better with DCL We found the food (main buffet and formal dining rooms) to be comparable for both cruise lines. On RCI we did My Time Dining and liked being able to pick different dining times depending upon our daily plans. We had breakfast at Johnny Rockets and in the Park Cafe (both included in price of the cruise) a couple of times because it was closer to our room and quicker to get off the ship and both were ok. Kid Feedback: On DCL, the "free" soft serve ice cream was open from around 10am-midnight and there was always plenty. On RCI, it was only open from 11:00am - 7:00pm and many times the machines were not really frozen and/or out of order completely. They ran out of chocolate a lot! This was a BIG downer for our kids who LOVED getting a couple (ok, really more like 4+) ice creams a day, especially that last one right before midnight. Also, the kids really missed the variety of theme-ing and activities/interactions offered on DCL. Dining food allergy concerns - Overall: Both were exceptional Our son has a severe tree nut allergy. Disney was great with this and a chef came out to talk to us almost every day to reassure us that his meals would be without contamination. On Oasis OTS, our Head Waiter (Mariel) and server (Darcey) were WONDERFUL. They were extremely attentive to his allergy concerns. Each night after dinner they brought him the next day's menu where he could pick out what he would have the next evening. This way they could be sure to prepare his meal in the nut free area to ensure no cross contamination. If you are a food allergy parent, you know how wonderful it is to have food service take this issue seriously and alleviate some major worries. Plus, our son thought he was quite special with all the extra attention Staterooms - Overall: About the same experience On Disney, we had a single, ocean view cabin for the 4 of us. On Oasis we had 2 adjoining inside cabins...and it was STILL cheaper than DCL (we'll get to cost later). Cabin layout, cleanliness, etc. are comparable between the two cruise lines. Stateroom attendants on both were exceptional and they really do make you feel so pampered and relaxed on a cruise vacation. Janice on Oasis was a doll and made sure we had everything we needed, any time of day. Our son spent the last full sea day of our cruise in his bed with a fever (poor thing!) and she continually asked if he needed anything. The only thing we really missed from DCL stateroom-wise was hearing Disney songs playing in all the corridors! Entertainment - Overall: About the same experience We thought the quality of the shows (headliners, stage productions, comedians) were better on Disney. But then again, Disney did not have the Oasis of Dreams water/diving show or the Frozen in Time ice skating, both of which were spectacular! Come Fly With Me in the Opal Theater was a neat production as well, but we missed a lot of it because of where we were seated and due to the big fight – I mean screaming fight - that broke out among several guests seated behind us. After about 10 minutes, my husband got up and asked someone to call security. That was not something we experienced on a Disney ship. Not saying is doesn’t happen but we had not seen that before. Also, we don’t gamble or smoke, so the one short-cut trip we made through the Casino was a mistake – the smell was pretty awful. We missed the movie theater on DCL ships as well – it was fun to watch first run Disney movies while at sea. Pools/Hot Tubs – Overall: RCI was better DCLs adult only lounging area was much smaller, even on their “mega ships” like Fantasy and Dream. On RCI we LOVED the Solarium area. I never had trouble finding a chair or lounger somewhere, despite being one of over 6,000 passengers. There was always room in a pool or hot tub, somewhere on deck 15. Lots of lifeguards around. “Nightlife” Overall – RCI was slightly better The sheer variety of venues, from the Champaign bar, to the jazz club, to Vintages wine bar – so much to choose from and all had their own vibe. We had fun dancing on the Royal Promenade during the 70s and 80s dance parties. They venues were more spread out on RCI than what you have on DCL, but it helped you get your steps in for the day! Cruise Line App- Overall: DCL’s is better, but the new RCI one is getting closer The newest RCI App is getting better with every revision. However, we found it was not kept up to date so the kids were disappointed when they missed something because they looked it up on the app and the information was wrong. The details on the Cruise Compasses were correct, but they didn’t carry that in their pockets like they did their phones. The biggest issue was that we didn’t pay for wireless for the kids so it was hard to keep with them and/or our friends who were also on the ship. On DCL, anyone can text anyone on the ship if they have the app on their phones – at no charge. So on DCL we could catch up easily, plan to meet, etc. On RCI, we constantly wondered where the kids and our friends were and missed out on doing things together because we didn’t know where everyone was. I do not like the idea of walkies, so next time, if they have not added the free texting feature in the RCI app, we will budget Voom for everyone so we can communicate better. DCL also has wave phones to communicate and RCI did not have that as an option. Disembarkation – Overall: Both equally awesome Walked off the ship, luggage found and loaded with porter and through customs - total time = 10 minutes at the most, no exaggeration. It’s a well-oiled machine on both cruise lines, mostly because it has to be. Price/Value Overall: RCI is the clear winner A DCL cruise for the same type of cabin, the same number of days and the same ports is more than DOUBLE the cost of RCI. Whew. That was a lot. Happy to answer any questions or provide feedback on areas I have not already. We are very much looking forward to our next cruise on RCI (no kids this time!) in Sept 2018 - Anthem of the Seas New England/Nova Scotia to celebrate our 25th anniversary!
  5. I was told by Royal Caribbean customer service that Aquatheater 2 bedroom suite is not Royal Class and does not have Genie Service. I was told that only Aquatheater balcony is Royal Class. The Aquatheater 2 bedroom suite is Sky Class. I thought both Aquatheater rooms were Royal Class with the new amenities as of May 1, 2016. Can anyone comment?
  6. Hello, We have the cruise on the Legend in two weeks. We have a difficulty choosing the best beverage package. My query is that we will be taking excursions so during the day we will be out of the ship (6 days excursions 3 days cruising + departure & Arrival. As me and my wife do not drink that large amount of alcohol, wand e were thinking of buying the basic package and then paying for some wine or cocktails during evening or cruising days. What free drinks are included (example during breakfast / dinner)? Whats included in Royal Replenish Package & Royal Refreshment Package? (example soft-drinks, bottled water, n/alcoholic cocktails etc..) I cannot find a detailed list! Can we buy the packages when we board the ship for example on day two? thanks for your help :)
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