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Found 6 results

  2. Hello, Has anyone taken the train from Venice to Raveena? If so, how was your experience?
  3. IF they offer the L & S option for our impending June cancellation my alternative would be this ship. Is the foot traffic and chair dragging a concern (loudly, frequently, hours) for a deck 8 cabin? What is your favorite thing about this Ship? It is scheduled to depart out of Tampa USA if allowed by then June 2022 (oh please let us sail). @twangsterdo you have any photos of this ship/class of ship? The You Tube videos I found made me nauseous within minutes. Wanting to make the best decision for my family, we are vaccinated but my 15 year old is not so eligible so it may be a long while before we step back on board again. I am done with the FCC game (if I can be) and think my prices are really fair so hoping to lock that in for next year. Thanks to all & again to everyone sailing from non US ports PLEASE post those trip blogs so I can live vicariously through you, take good care all!
  4. *May I ask as to what class of ship the Rhapsody is? There is one cabin left on a sailing I have been "stalking" forever, just became available I think due to a recent cancellation. It is for a Junior Suite (nothing left on the ship but this one) and my concern is would my seasoned cruisers splurge for this cabin on this class or continue to wait to see if something else pops up? It does not seem to be anything but a balcony cabin with an inflated price tag and in addition we have never embarked from the Port of Tampa before & read that this is possibly an unpleasant experience even in a "suite" Thanks in advance everyone! They did not state a cabin # either so the cabin may be a connecting one, which I dread due to the elevated noise bleed. * Never mind, vision class any insight on that class in general...Thank you :)
  5. I put together a 49 second video showing several meals eaten onboard Rhapsody of the Seas last week. There are a few bites that were eaten on land, but the majority of food was consumed on the ship. Enjoy! IMG_0583.MOV
  6. Wow no updates in live blog almost three days , its almost a blasphemy , lets see if we can fix it. Time past fast especially when you read royal Caribbean Blogs ? and another cruise is just days away. Where my spouse and me work we are forced to take a week off at the end of August so we had to find how to spend the time. Lucky for us, not like last years the flights prices were very low for this week so we had several options : Land vacation at London, Land vacation in Amsterdam and Paris (better firs Paris than Amsterdam, heard some people forget to go to Paris after Amsterdam for some reasons) , Land vacation in Italy or find a cruise. You will not be surprised what I was leaning into… quick check in RC site showed we had three options, short cruise with Indi , 7 night cruise to the north sea with Navigator and 7 night cruise Rhapsody to the Greek Islands (north America cruise were not an option this time due to the short period , flying to north America require at least tow more days) . It was not easy task to decide which one to choose as we thought that Indi which is just after its upgrade can be very nice option but the cruise was just too short. Navigator on the other hand was also appealing to me as we cruise Voyger of the seas in the pasts so we knew what we can expect and most important it has Sabor ! but the itinerary was not that appealing. So we left with Rhapsody and its very heavy port itinerary. We had some doubts as the smallest ship we ever cruised before was Voyager class , which you can say many things about this class but small it is not one of them. But reading some comments and reviews (thank you @Matt) and the fact we never been to any of the ports this ship will bring us to got us to decide and book it (aka YOLO). Its not that I am using everything that there is on the big ships , I just like to know I have the option ? but it is ok , three weeks after we will return from this cruise we have another cruise booked on the humble Symphony. The ship will leave from Venice, so we decide to fly in two day before and have at least one full day to tour Venice (yes I know its not enough , but better than nothing and not require us to take extra vacations days). Weone of the four points hotels outside Venice as the hotels inside Venice are very expensive even if I will book them using points. The hotel locate near a train and a bus station that will take us to Venice in about 20 minutes , so it should work fine. The itinerary: Day -1 – Visit Venice , depend on the weather we will choose some Museum or just go to the very nice places Venice can offer , we need to decide what to do with food as Venice known for its tourist traps (more like pitfalls) you can seat in the wrong restaurant eat something small and get a 200 $ bill easily/ Day 1 – Venice - we will catch a taxi from the hotel to the cruise port and enjoy exploring a new type of ship. Day 2 – Kotor – we will arrive Kotor around 1 PM , we took a tour from RC (it is tendering port) the tour will take us all the way to the mountains for some nice view over the fiord. Day3 – Corfu – we have a RC tour here that will take us to some villages and later on to the old city. Day4 – Athens – I thought to take the buss and the subway from the port to the city, it should have been quite easy to do but then I remember it is Grease , Grease have strikes every second day (really, they are site that shows you what are the next strikes) so you never now if you can relay on public transportation or even on Taxis (yes they strike too from time to time). So to be on the safe side I booked a transfer to the Acropolis area were you can take many tours or just roam around. Day5 – MYKONOS – No plans yet, its another tendering port so we will just go to the port and roam around the city find some good taberna to it good Greek food. Day6 – ARGOSTOLI – go to town , do some shopping and enjoy the ship , we are planning Chef table (for my Birthday) during the evening Day 7 – Sea day , well mainly rest and recover from the wine paring the day before, and cry that this is the last day. Day 8 – back to Venice , as we have late fight we considering or to stay on the ship extra hours (in Europe cruises RC given the option to pay extra 40 $ and stay on the ship until 2 PM) or to rent a car and do some food shopping , we did not decided yet. This week did not start that well , as I was stopping at a traffic light and 5 second after another car stopped , but the driver decided to use my car to stop instead his breaks and he came quite fast as his car front was damaged quite hard (his radiator was broken). I remember I turn off the engine , went out and was pissed off for 1 second , not because my car is only 3 weeks on the road with less than 500 miles , not because I knew I will lose time but because I thought , oh , I might miss the cruise because of it ?. Lucky for me I was not harmed ,did some X-ray to be on the safe side and the Doctor said everything is fine so I am clear to cruise. Now time for packing (I hate) tomorrow it starts
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