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Found 7 results

  1. My husband and I have been on a few cruses now and have always purchased the Refreshment Beverage Package, as we both don't drink. We are now looking for ideas of new non-alcohol drinks (Mocktails) to order. Please let me know of anything you have ordered that we should try. Is there a full complete list of non-alcohol drinks that RC serves, somewhere? One of our previous cruises we discovered PowerAid and energy drinks are included at the spa. We get the premium coffee and juices. If there are anything we should order let us know. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. A few questions about the refreshment package. I've never been on a cruise and will be going to one in a few months. I usually drink like a camel at night before bed so I would probably breakeven just with water alone, but am I allowed to get 10-12 bottles of water a day? I also drink about 4-5 cups of coffee a day. I'm not sure what this refreshment package offers, is it unlimited non-alcoholic drinks? or is there actually a limit to how man drinks I can get in a day.
  3. Hi all! We are on our first cruise right now and I wanted to put this into the universe for future searchers. I read everything I could on here before the trip, so I thought it might help someone. There is no standalone Starbucks on Enchantment of the Seas, so when you go to Cafe Latte-tudes, you can get Starbucks drinks, including Frappuccinos, with your Refreshment Package.
  4. My wife and I just booked our cruise for December 2020 and we could not be more excited!! While I was looking over the cruise planner I saw the price of the "Refreshment Package" for drinks. I am not sure if I can justify paying the price they have set for that specific drink package... I am wondering if anyone on here knows the price Royal charges for their mocktails, fresh squeezed juices, and bottled water.
  5. New cruisers here. Quick question for the experienced group. We are cruising on the Adventurer of the Sea in June. The Refreshment Package includes "premium coffees and teas" but doesn't elaborate any further. The Cafe Select Coffee Card is for "macchiato or latte and reenergize your afternoons with iced coffee or an espresso, then finish your meal with a cappuccino". So, does the "premium coffees and teas" of the Refreshment Package include latte, iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc. ? Or are those only available via the Cafe Select Coffee Card (or a la carte)? Thank you very much.
  6. We're booked on the 13-night Ultimate Scandinavia/Russia on Serenade this summer. I'm thinking about the refreshment package but it really adds up on such a long cruise and I want to make sure we'll get value from it, so I have some specific questions I'm hoping the experts can help with! We only have one sea day so I think breakfast will usually be at Park Cafe or Windjammer. Is there a convenient nearby location for fresh-squeezed juices and espresso? I'm not clear on what exactly the Park Cafe itself offers in terms of beverages. Along the same lines, is there specialty coffee anywhere besides Cafe Lattitudes? Does Serenade have milkshakes anywhere? Is canned soda included since there's no freestyle machine? Do they have bottled water stations set up where we could grab 2 bottles each before heading out into the port each day? Can we also stockpile a few in our room? How much of a savings is it to order a virgin cocktail with the package and then pay for a shot of alcohol to add to it? Are we better off getting a drink card or sticking to the drink specials when we do want alcohol? I know we won't drink enough for the unlimited package. I recently read a review that described RCL coffee as "brown water" and the Windjammer orange juice as "flavored water with food coloring" so I'm suddenly nervous about the included beverages. We're mainly into coffee and I've heard that Serenade is one of the ships that isn't good for the coffee card. I do like the thought of unlimited bottled water and being able to order virgin cocktails for shows and that kind of thing, but with so many port days, it's really hard to say whether it'll be worth it. Appreciate any thoughts you can give! This group is so friendly, I love it.
  7. Hi. Anybody on the Ovation in March from Sydney, the cost of the refreshments package and shore excursions are all cheaper today than they have been for last few weeks. Refreshment package down to £15.96 ($20.85 US based on currency rate) which includes the drinks gratuities. Bargain IMO - but will still check back every day as you never know what deal they have hidden away!! Having picked up tips on this great site I have cancelled everything I had already booked and now re-purchased on the lower rates - even if only to save around $60 (every little helps!)....not bad for 5 minutes work.
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